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  • It’s a good very basic forums environment. As my website uses buddypress I have little choice about what forums software I can use so I am stuck with bbpress. The main problem I have with this plugin is that it relies heavily on plugins and unfortunately the plugins for bbpress are not great in number.

    Basic things such as forums polls for users, post counts and ranks, preview buttons etc etc are not available and if anyone is very used to very well established forums software like vbulletin you will find bbpress severely lacking.

    I hope they stop relying so much on the plugin environment in the future or at the very least the plugin environment picks up the slack and starts increasing in number for the much needed functions that are missing.

    I will give it a 3/5 because it’s on the right track just nowhere near perfect. And 3 is being generous.

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  • I don’t think it’s quite right to say bbPress relies on other plugins for these features.

    There are many features in bbPress that community developers have chosen to build as additional plugins in order to make the features available before they might otherwise be.

    A lot of the features in bbPress started as add-on plugins and were then merged into the core plugin.

    I’m not pulling this out of thin air, as I have buddypress I am forced to use bbpress for the forums. And the developers themselves say they are relying on plugin creators to fill the void of features that are missing but that isn’t happening right now.

    So yes it is right, whether you like it or not.

    Why are you forced to use bbPress because you’re using BuddyPress? Yes it works really well when combined, but there’s nothing that requires you use bbPress.

    Personally I love that bbPress doesn’t have a lot of the features you’ve mentioned because it keeps things lightweight, but perhaps that’s just me.

    You answered your own question. Look I have my own opinion and you have yours. I’ve made my honest review.

    I just meant you are able to use other forum solutions if you find bbPress not full featured enough for you.

    Just because you use BuddyPress doesn’t mean you can’t use other forums.

    I’m not saying your opinion is wrong, just that there are good reasons for how it is 🙂

    I like how light weight bbPress is. I believe it’s better to keep it light weight, than use plugins to extend it if you need it. That way, sites with less resources can use it as well. No sense in overloading something if it’s not need. The saying “less is more” or “keep it simple” applies here. If I need something with more features I can use Mingle Forum or Simple:Press.

    I use Mingle Forum on one of my BuddyPress sites.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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