• This is a good plugin, but I find it annoying that I have to refresh my data every time I go into the dashboard of my site. Please update this plugin so that it automatically updates the data at time of loading. I typically select “Last 30 days”, so it would be nice to automatically see my choice automatically and not “the last 30 days” from the last time I refreshed my stats.

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  • Plugin Author Adnan


    Hey Samantha,

    I guess you misunderstood it. Try to load “Last 30 days” again and whenever you see that, it will fetch the refreshed stats from the day when you load dashboard page not the previous time.

    If you still see that issue, could you please make a video on how you use that feature?

    I highly recommend creating a support ticket before posting a review like that, Thanks.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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