• Unfortunately not to be used in this way in Germany. There are specifications in Germany as to how an invoice or an offer should have to look. These specifications are summarized under the name “GoBD”. This means that an invoice in Germany MUST always have the same structure!

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    Hello @pixalook

    We, the WPERP team was always open getting suggestions and feedback from the user. From the beginning, we tried to cover/consider all the country based features/needs based on user requests. Unfortunately, we have not got any requests from you yet.

    Still, we are open to you. If you can reach us with the details that are needed for German specifically, we can consider it in the future.


    @pixalook thank you so much for the suggestion and pointing out the limitation of WP ERP. Our team is working on different aspects of improving the user experience and meeting the needs based on different region and overall localization.

    Currently we have taken steps to do the following:

    • Translate WP ERP for users speaking German.
    • Gathering requirement for the user experience in specific regions.
    • Planning future release of WP ERP to meet user requirements in different demographic.
    • Please stay tuned and enjoy using WP ERP until then as we try to improve the overall experience. Thank you.


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