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  • I didn’t wanna use Elementor or custom CSS/HTML just to add a few fancy buttons, so i tried out 2 plugins, Ultimate Shortcode (US) and this (Maxbuttons), unfortunately neither of them have proper button hover animation choices.

    US has an animation shortcode that you add around a button, but that is not for hovering, it’s for when a page loads, at least Maxbuttons has a hover animation, but absolutely no options for it (other than color), no animation type, no animation time.

    So i checked out the Pro version, there is always something crucial reserved for that, btu animations wasn’t listed there either, i also checked out the FAQ, nothing there either, apparently i’m the only one who cares about such things, or did i miss an option somewhere ? cause there are a lot of them (editable or custom CSS is not one of them).

    Kinda silly for a plugin all about buttons to be missing such an important feature.

    Otherwise the plugin is pretty nice, works well, for a newbie it probably has too many options, but you don’t need to touch those if you don’t want to.

    One other thing i would change is the padding, it starts out saying: 18,0,0,0 and yet the text is fairly centered, what happens if i want less padding than there already is ? you can’t add negative padding.
    So there is default padding you can’t remove, i would prefer it the way it’s done in Elementor, where you can actually set 0 padding if you want and if you type any padding in, it automatically adds it to the other 2 sides, cause it’s linked, but you can also unlink it, if you want more side padding for ex.

    Also the bottom padding field isn’t working, i put in 0, 50 even 300, nothing changed, the rest work fine.

    There is also no auto width (full width) option, or the option to use % instead of px.
    But at least you can actually set the width (unlike in Elementor).
    Sometimes you need to use % to define width, for ex in a sidebar, so it resizes properly when viewed on mobile.(or sometimes in column shortcodes).

    Anyway, i guess i’ll stick to custom HTML.

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  • Plugin Author Bas Schuiling


    Thanks for your eleborate review.

    Indeed you might be one of the few ones looking for animation on hover, since it’s rarely requested. But we have something in the works for that. Right now, you have hover options for color and icons / images.

    Of course, PRO users can always request features they miss and we’ll give them some priority over others. We have support for that, but I didn’t see you around there.

    We are commited to keep the plugin accessible for new users as well and not clutter the plugin with dozens of options rarely needed.

    I’d also like to commment on the other points, since it might clear some things up for people not really versed into how HTML works.

    – Padding can completely be removed. There are a few ways of controlling size of the button and position of the text:

    1) You can give a width, height of your liking, then left, center, right align the text.

    This is also where bottom padding (it works) comes in, you’ll not notice it when you have a height defined. That’s a HTML thing.

    2) If you want the button to be more flexible, you can remove both width, height settings, add padding around the text and the button will remain the size of the text + padding.

    The default setting caters to make it work for most people with the least amount of clicks.

    – There is a full width option under responsive which let’s you use % instead of px, but the interface is not the best – i agree. It also let’s you control sizes for as many mobile viewports as your want.

    The default option smaller viewports is to shrink the button according to the size of the container, so quite often no extra settings are required.

    thank you for your elaborate reply.

    I did not buy the Pro version since it didn’t have the 1 thing i was looking for and because it’s something i can do myself with custom html, it just takes longer to make the first one.

    It’s funny you would think animations might be clutter since a page builder like Elementor added it, and it’s just 1 feature of 1 (button) widget, and they have like 10 other widgets.

    1. in normal HTML that is not how padding works, your way isn’t the most straightforward or logical.

    I didn’t even think to look under responsive, just a normal dropdown between px and % would be way more straightforward, at least for me.
    Or maybe a Responsive checkbox under the width and height fields that when clicked brings up a slider under it and you can choose from 10 to 100% (just an idea).

    Anyway keep up the good work, it’s not far from being a very good button plugin.

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