• I’ve been using EditorsKit for years and always enjoyed it. But I have been having a big issue editing in Gutemberg and I was only just able now to figure out it was caused by EditorsKit.
    Pretty much every post I tried to write in the past month or so has had this problem: every few paragraphs, typing anything or clicking on a block would simply erase other blocks around. I had to resort to the Classic Editor in order to write my latest posts.
    I couldn’t find any solution online, so I finally disabled every plugin and reactivated them one by one. That’s how I found it was all down to EditorsKit. So I checked the settings, and sure enough there was this feature “Transform 3 Empty Paragraphs to Spacer Block” that was the culprit. Even though my paragraphs were not empty at all, EditorsKit treated them as such and kept messing with my writing.
    It happened both with continuous writing and copy-paste paragraphs, but definitely not empty.
    Hopefully this gets fixed.

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