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  • This is clearly one of the best themes around. It looks very modern and clean. Customizr is suitable for woocommerce stores. The sheer amount of customization can be overwhelming at first but when you try it, other themes will never be sufficient for you.
    There are few themes which are matching the quality and customization possibilities to Customizr but they are rare so Customizr is definitely in the top of all WP themes!

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  • Theme Author Nicolas


    Hi, thank you for reporting this issue with WooCommerce. I apologize if nobody could help about this yet.
    We’ll try to reproduce the bug on our end and come back with a fix for a future release of the theme.

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    I disabled all plugins except woocommerce and the issue persisted. Windows’ version of Firefox (tested on many computers) always lacks arrows next to the number, next to “add to cart”.

    On Linux when you compile Firefox with some patches, arrows may show up on Firefox but they are very pale. On Chrome (or any other Chrome-based browsers) arrows (triangles) appear when you hover the mouse over it.

    When I meant Firefox, it was the latest available version.

    I couldn’t leave my store to be Firefox incompatible. Many of my customers are not tech skilled so I can’t allow for something not to work well.

    Googling the issue yield no results so I couldn’t fix it and I had no place to ask for any kind of support (didn’t find a community for that, tried various ones but had no feedback) for too long. Because of that, I had to move on to a different theme. I still keep Customizr installed for a legacy of reasons so if something breaks with the new theme, I can switch over to Customizr. So if you want me to test something, I can do that on my development server.

    Theme Author Nicolas


    A solution is being worked on :
    The next release with a fix will be released within a few days.

    OK. I’m happy to change review when the theme will work well with woocommerce on Firefox. Majority users are on Chrome but Firefox is still an important part of the browser market.

    Theme Author Nicolas


    Hi @michaldybczak, did the latest update fix your issue ?
    Thanks for the feedback

    Thanks! That fixed the issue!

    However, the upper arrow has no upper edge-line. Not sure if that is something on my end or a universal problem. This kind of badly displayed arrows are common issues among many themes and I couldn’t figure out why this is happening and why nobody is doing something about it. I suspect that some settings on my site my causing it, otherwise this wouldn’t be so common. Nevertheless, this is an acceptable outcome now.

    Here is the screen:

    P.S. I edited my review :).

    Theme Author Nicolas


    Thanks for both the feedback and the edited review.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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