• I use the paid version and over all I am happy. It is the best support system for wordpress that I’ve used. Plus I don’t have to worry about any support issues getting lost like with a email contact form.

    But as already mentioned in the previous review, it could be so much better. Yes, it would be SO nice to have some control over the widget form, there is little to no customization available.

    For example, I would like to add a small blurb on the form that asks people to check my FAQ page (with a link), before submitting. Many of the support questions I get could be answered with my FAQ page. They could get an answer to their question right away, without needing to wait on me to respond. And it would save me some support time.

    I agree, for such a big company that has been around for so long, you’d think they could do it better. They are always adding features that I really don’t need, but the simple little things, but important things, like customizing the widget/form don’t seem to be as important.

    Give us access to customize the form and I would give it 5 stars.

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