• I installed this plugin mainly to auto-add non-breakable space after prepositions. This works well. I also appreciate the easy settings page of this plugin.

    However, there are many things which could be done better:

    • The plugin page claims to cover Czech but I can only choose between Polish and English vocabulary in the settings.
    • There is no information on whether the plugin kicks in when saving a post or rendering it. I discovered it’s while rendering. This is good to fix older posts as well but it might make each rendering a bit slower.
    • A link to the plugin settings could be shown on the Plugins page.
    • The plugin only offers adding   after the customizable vocabulary words and before preset punctuation marks. I’d be glad if both lists were customizable.
    • The plugin offers no way to automatically add   in more complicated situations, e.g. after numbers, especially ordinal ones (the German or Czech way).
    • And last but not least, the plugin should be tested with the latest WordPress releases, although it’s doing well for me with WordPress 5.6.
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