• I really like that plugin. It is simple, looks good and does what it should….But

    – In my opinion the “show post before” is setup in a wrong way. I believe this plugin should show “most active” post WITHIN the set time

    Unfortunately at the moment “show post before” is simply limiting “POSTING DATE” not the “VIEWS STARTED FROM”. It is very bizarre idea. Usually people want to see the most active posts not posts from last 3 days. Then the plugin should be advertised as simply “most recent post” not “most popular”.

    At the moment settings:
    – show 3 posts based on views
    – all categories selected
    – show post before 7 days

    So it will show all posts POSTED within last 7 days. Unfortunately those are not the most active posts based on “view count”.

    Could you fix this?

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