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  • This plugin transforms the look and feel of the checkout page very easily, and with some custom CSS work you can make it look quite slick.

    However, one big gripe I have is that the custom template files the plugin loads do not use the built-in WordPress template mechanism, so you cannot override e.g. the plugin’s checkout/review-order.php with your own in your theme. You can do this with most other plugins because they use the normal template system in WordPress, but looking into the source of this plugin, I can see they just do a direct PHP include for these, which is frustrating.

    If proper template overriding comes in a future update, I shall upgrade my review to 5 stars.

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  • Plugin Author Rupinder Kaur


    Hi @groenroos ,
    Thanks for Your review and detailed explanation.
    Well the section you mentioned was an issue for me when I started creating this plugin . And the situation was if I was keeping this default it was creating different design issues with every different theme. As you know every paid theme provide some basic design for checkout pages too. So these situations were ruining the idea of compact checkout design.
    So after so many trials i decided to make a custom table for this section which is not customizable for any theme or plugin. This section is created this way So, no one can override it directly.
    Well i know Some users will like to show every single detail from default table that’s why we have provided three different design for Review order table. you Can see these different designs at “” on point no 2.

    i hope now you understand the situation to design it this way.

    Feel free to ask any questions at if you need any help with customization.


    Thread Starter groenroos


    Thanks for your response Rupinder!

    I understand where you’re coming from. I had a look at the alternative cart layouts, but looks like option 1 is the only one with adjustable quantities, so it’s the only workable one for me if we’re skipping the cart page.

    In this case, I think you could set it up so that the cart layout loading is wrapped inside a custom hook. If it was like that, then any theme that relies on your plugin (like the custom one for my site) can use remove_action to unhook the built-in cart layout and then add_action to load their own in its stead. This would allow customisation, while simultaneously preventing any unchecked replacement by themes that aren’t aware of your plugin.

    Do you think that could work?

    Plugin Author Rupinder Kaur


    Hi @groenroos ,

    I would say the quantity is changeable for every “order table design”. The screenshots referred to you are taken when “non changeable quantity” mode is on.
    This mode is useful to those users who are just selling one product.
    Otherwise Quantity is changeable and remove button works the same way for every layout.


    Thread Starter groenroos


    Hi @coolcoders

    I see – it might be helpful to have the screenshots taken on the same settings, so they’re more directly comparable?

    In any case, I would prefer to provide my own template for the cart, so I think if the plugin had an overridable action for loading these templates, it would be a good way to do that. What do you think?

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