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    Currently we only have translations for a handful of languages. We’re always looking for volunteers to help us translate. Would you be interested in helping to create a translation?

    sure!! how?

    Plugin Author theverylastperson


    Creating a translation isn’t too difficult and I’d more than willing to walk you through the process.

    You’ll need to download a copy of PoEdit from

    Copy the car-demon.po file in the languages folder and name the new copy to match the language you’re translating to. You can find more information here;

    You file should end up being named something like car-demon-pt_PT.po (that’s the name for Portuguese).

    Open your new file in PoEdit.

    From there it is simply a matter of providing a translation for each line of text and then saving the translation file to create a .mo file (that’s the file used by WordPress to provide the translation). Make sure to include the .mo and the .po files in the languages folder and you should be good to go.

    If it works I would love a copy to include in the next release of the PlugIn. You can email it to me at TheVeryFirstPerson AT

    I hope all of that made sense, if you have questions let me know and I’ll do what I can to help you along.

    I send to your e-mail

    Plugin Author theverylastperson


    Fantastic! I really appreciate it.

    I got the files and noticed one small thing, they need to be renamed to instead of

    I’ve renamed the copies you sent and included them in the next released which should be available… well, soon.

    You can go ahead and use your files right now by renaming them and copying them into the languages folder for Car Demon via FTP. If you run into any problems getting them to work let me know and I’ll do what I can to assist you.

    thanks again!

    something wrong, only was translated from vehicle Options tab “SPECS”, the others have not been translated, the rest is all ok


    (SAFETY, CONVENIENCE, COMFORT, ENTERTAINMENT, Hide Tabs on vehicle display page? This option does not hide the description tab or the about us tab.)

    Plugin Author theverylastperson


    Hey Danilo,

    I’ll install a Portuguese version and test it this afternoon to see what the issue was with the translation. I did briefly look over the translation file and didn’t see any issue there.

    On the second note, turning off the About Us tab is actually a separate option in settings. But the description box doesn’t have an option to hide it. What you can do to get rid of it is add the following to your css.

    .car_features_box {

    That will hide the description field entirely. I’ve made a note to add that as an option in the future.

    If you need some help adding the css let me know and I’ll help walk you through the process.

    I’ll try to get back with you on the translation issue as soon as I can.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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