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    Please help me cos I’m running out of valium!!

    I downloaded wp. Changed config file (checked and double checked as correct) uploaded wp files to server. Created database on cpanel & entered the details as given for this database into config file. Opened install.php on numerous occasions and just keep getting 404 error. Gone through all installation posts and tried all suggested solutions. Still get 404 error

    Have deleted all and started again today for 3rd time since Friday and nothing is getting me any further than a 404 error.

    Have tried to access install with:

    http://server number/public_html/blog(folder on server)/wp-admin/install.php

    and on server)/wp-admin/install.php

    and on server)/wp-admin/install.php

    Now at my wits end as to what is wrong. Hopefully WP forums will be my saviour cos that window ledge is looking mighty inviting at this moment in time.

    Many thanks for any assistance in getting my sanity back.

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  • I don’t believe it but instead of putting WP into a subdirectory of my site I put it in the main directory. AND IT WORKS!!!!

    The only problem is my website home page presently has just a welcome page and email sign up form prior to it going live. But it will now show the blog which I obviously don’t want it to until it’s ready.

    Can I go through the installation process and then move it to a subdirectory so my welcome page can still be my homepage



    You most certainly can….but be very prepared for more headaches at worst and try and get your eyes off the window ledge. =P

    Might be best to leave it where it is. If you leave index.html in situ it should load leaving your blog hidden.

    I’ve just printed off the details to move the files and VERY carefully following it to the letter. Have had a home page online for some months for SE recognition and never really looked into blogging. But just happen to read publish & prosper – blogging for your business (cover to cover) and I’m hooked.

    As for more headaches, it can’t be any worse than the last 3 days have been.

    I’ve now got off the ledge and closed the window so the pigeons can have their resting place back.

    Many thanks for your reply FC

    Thanks Root

    Sorry didn’t refresh in time to see your advice.

    It says to copy index.php and .htaccess back to original directory folder and alter a line in the code of index.php to show a link to the other files in the sub directory.

    In the process of doing this now. If it doesn’t work correctly I’ll go back to the original setup.

    many thanks

    IMHO you still need index.html in the root dir. 🙂

    It’s about finished tranfering file to sub directory. It doesn’t say to do that but I can see your point.

    If it doesn’t work after i get to the bottom of the instructions at least I’ll now have an idea as to the reason why.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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