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    I’ve been building a site using the goldcart and successfully activated the gold cart with my API Key.

    The address I was building it on was temporary, so it came time to move it to the real hosting location, thus I needed to deactivate my API key on the old site. This website ( says I should “simply enter in your API Key and select deactivate API Key” but they don’t give any indication WHERE TO DO THIS?!?!

    So… I clicked “Reset API Key” and saw that it was in fact deactivated… umm ok..

    I go to the new wordpress site. I setup the ecommerce plugin, active it. I upload my gold cart files to the ftp,then activate it.

    I then go to the “upgrade store” and put in my old Username and APIKey…and hit submit. It hangs for about 45 seconds and the resulting screen showing a red error box with nothing inside it.

    I feel like somehow I was suppose to “deactivate” my key by actually clicking something that says “deactivate”… not clicking “RESET API KEY”… because now i have a feeling my API key has changed because the old one seems to no longer work. WTF is going on? Do API keys change between websites? why is there a button labeled “RESET API KEY”?

    TLDR: I’m moving my gold cart API Key to another site and upon submission it just errors out with no indication why.

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  • Plugin Author Mihai


    Resolved via Premium Support.
    Firewalls blocking connection most likely.

    I do not believe the firewall was blocking the connection. If you read my post… You’ll see I was previously already using the gold cart on another site. I’m still using the same computer I used when I setup the first one.

    Not only that… but I’ve continued to edit my site since I posted the original thread… and while editing a certain section, I all of a sudden was getting errors related to “upgrade_panel.php” and I couldn’t even visit my website/wp-admin…. Then what do you know… all of a sudden it starts working again. I click on the “Store Upgrades” and there’s my successfully validated username and api key that was filled out by your staff…. It seems to me you guys did something to a file and replaced it.

    Plugin Author Mihai


    Its not about the computer you use. Its about the server that is hosting the website where the request is sent from.
    I believe the server hosting the domain *natural..* is the one blocking our domain name.

    ok thank you for your help.

    So i checked the ftp logs…Why did you guys replace a file called “upgrade_panel.php” on my ftp, if it was a firewall issue? You guys changed something, then it started working. I don’t care if you lied I just want to prevent this from happening in the future.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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