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    WordPress version: 3.8.1
    Gold Cart version:
    WP E-commerce version:
    Ocean Mist Theme

    My problems: The functions of Gold Cart are not appearing on my WordPress blog after purchasing and installing the plugin.

    Also, I cannot sign up for Premium one on one support as was promised with my purchase of Gold Cart. I have no idea what my FTP is or what it is used for. How do I post Premium support questions to the site at ?

    What I expected: I expected to have increased functionality on my WordPress blog with the Gold Cart plugin through the WP E-commerce plugin. Right now I cannot figure out whether or not Gold Cart is adding any functions to my blog.

    I would like to be able to change the image of each product individually, but there’s no product image tab where I can upload images. The Product Download tab under my Products button does not display the images that I’m downloading to show what each product looks like individually.

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  • Plugin Author Mihai Joldis


    Premium support is available here:

    From what i can tell you did not follow the instructions in the email. Have you entered your API key in the Dashboard -> Store Upgrades page ?

    I did enter the API key in the Dashboard and the Store Upgrades page acknowledged that Gold Cart was installed. However, that was the only place where I could tell that it was installed.

    Be advised: my problems with the Gold Cart plugin are absolutely not resolved.

    Plugin Author Mihai Joldis


    Please post a premium support topic.

    I did post a support topic, which you have not answered in this forum to the slightest extent. See the original post in this thread.

    You have absconded from your responsibility to provide service that was offered with the purchase of your product. Please give me a refund.

    Plugin Author Mihai Joldis


    I think i know what premium issue is yours. And it has been replied by Support staff on: Apr 11, 2:27 am
    Since then we have not heard from you back on the support issue.

    The support staff for and Instinct have failed to help me understand how to use this plugin that I purchased, and they certainly have not replied to my questions on April 11, 2014.

    I want to know how to change the image for each product individually on my grid page, or how to use the grid page, if it even exists.

    Why won’t you tell me that, when I bought the plugin from you? You should provide the service that I paid you to provide.



    We have responded to you multiple times on your premium support topic.

    1. You refuse to provide proper details to login to your store. Part of premium support is that we check for conflicts and other issues with your store it is impossible to help you if you refuse to allow us to assist you. As I mentioned in your support topic. You don’t go to a mechanic with your car and ask him to tell you what’s wrong without letting him look at the car. You won’t even give us the URL to you site.

    2. It is not support job to *teach you* how to use WordPress. Your question is about adding images. I provided a video for you how to add images because I wanted to help you out but you simply don’t fully understand the use of WordPress. We aren’t able to hold your hand and teach you the basics.

    I have also explained that if you need very specific hand holding type help you should possibly hire a consultant that can work with you privately.

    We are more than willing to assist you further but you will need to provide at the very least your URL to your site and a working admin account. (PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE THAT HERE POST IT TO YOUR PREMIUM TOPIC)

    Lastly your topic was responded to on

    Apr 10, 10:30 am – Joldis Mihai Alexandru
    Apr 10, 4:19 pm – Joldis Mihai Alexandru
    Apr 10, 4:35 pm – Joldis Mihai Alexandru
    Apr 10, 4:40 pm – Joldis Mihai Alexandru
    Apr 10, 8:17 pm – Joldis Mihai Alexandru
    Apr 10, 8:27 pm – Joldis Mihai Alexandru
    Apr 14, 7:39 pm – Ray Ardinanda
    Apr 15, 8:21 am – Joldis Mihai Alexandru
    Apr 15, 12:23 pm – Joldis Mihai Alexandru
    Apr 15, 5:33 pm – Edward O’Rourke
    Apr 15, 9:08 pm – Edward O’Rourke
    5 hrs ago – Edward O’Rourke
    30 mins ago – Edward O’Rourke


    You have definitely tried hard to discredit me with the hand-holding comments. Nice work at resorting to a personal attack on my technical skills.

    The images that are appearing on my products page are definitely not controlled the same way as they are on normal posts. Some images cannot be deleted from the products page. That would be a Wp e-Commerce or Gold Cart plugin issue that is inherent to the features of those plugins, which you are not willing to talk to me about even with the provided URL, even when the product page is posted.

    You have failed to provide any support regarding this issue and this is absolutely not resolved.

    Maybe you should stop selling people a plugin unless they give you the WP admin login and password information first, if that is the only way that you will agree to answer their questions.



    We are not going to keep debating our methods. I’m not attacking you… by your questions and attitude I come to the conclusion you need a lot of assistance more than support can provide.

    Thank you for finally providing a link to your site.

    I can see you are adding the images to the product description this is not correct. You are only attaching the image to the post. It will appear in the product where it is supposed to appear. As I showed you in the video I sent.

    Now the reason we ask to access the site is to help identify errors and conflicts.
    It’s extremely difficult to fix something that is broken or not operating the way it’s supposed to be due to conflicts.

    Just from looking at the URL product page you provided the console reveals 29 javascript errors. Please see image <img src=””>
    These errors can be due to theme or plugin conflicts. There is little point to doing anything else until all those errors are resolved since any one of them can be contributing to why your shop isn’t working as you expect it to.

    Once again… if you would like our assistance please respond to your premium topic with a valid admin account so that we are able to debug your shop and get you the help you’re asking for.




    Additionally trying to help you.

    Your site is loading jquery multiple times…

    once here on line 1101
    <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’′></script>

    and again here on line 17
    <script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

    This is 100% going to break you site and store and many other plugins anything that uses javascript. This also would need to be fixed before we can even begin to look at other issues as it will absolutely cause conflicts and problems.

    If you correct these errors you might find that your support questions won’t be needed since they more than likely will be resolved with the site fixed.


    Thank you for finally noticing the URL to my website. It was originally posted on the fourth line of the first post in this thread.

    The way in which I posted a photo of each product was the same way that you showed me in the video that you sent me. Please tell me ALL of the ways in which images are posted by the product description, Edward, since the way in your video was only ONE way.

    Please reply to this post if you can tell me what plugins are incompatible with:

    WordPress version: 3.8.1
    Gold Cart version:
    WP E-commerce version:
    Ocean Mist Theme


    Mr N,
    I’m usually the first to criticize the customer support, coding and general design of wp e-commerce. However in this case, it seems clear that there is a different rock in the stream of progress.

    You demand support and education, yet you don’t respond to WPEC Support’s many requests for access to your site, to help and debug.

    That’s fine, but you then can’t come back and say that they aren’t doing their job in this case.

    Asking for a list of what programs are incompatible with your site’s profile, is a neverending research project WPEC could never fulfill.

    Your current issue seems to be one of research and education, on how WordPress and WPEC work singly and together,along with other plugins.

    Rather than making extravagant and global demands, why not research the issues and learn all that you can from the excellent educational resources available with a simple search. Then you might be able to ask more precise, answerable questions.

    Is asking for all of the ways in which to post images for a product using Wp e-Commerce an extravagant and global demand?

    Could you please tell me how to back up my entire blog onto a drive and then reinstall it later if I have to so I can consider providing support staff my admin login and password so they can help me out?

    Mr N,

    It’s the word ‘all’ that is global …

    Search for how to get images on a product:

    Search for wordpress backup:

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