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    I’m having some weird problems with my site : after commenting, people are being redirected to a completely different post. I’ve disabled all plugins, and this still happens. I’ve done an ‘optimize’ and a ‘repair’ on the db and nothing’s fixed it yet. I even reuploaded all the wp files, but still no game.

    Anyone run into this before? Any ideas?

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  • it makes me sad that I can’t figure out what’s doing this.

    perhaps something in my theme?

    or perhaps something in mysql?

    well, I just tried the default theme and threw a couple comments at it, and I’m still getting a different post after commenting.

    so the only thing that I have left to look at is the database, and I have no clue where to start looking there.

    perhaps something has lost it’s index? or maybe the wrong field is a primary somewhere? anyone have any idea what tables are responsible for loading the page after a comment is left?

    I’m in the guts of my db now and I think I’ve tracked down the table that’s having problems. I have this error :

    Warning More than one INDEX key was created for column comment_approved

    Any suggestions?

    well, looking at other installations of wordpress, that warning message might actually be normal and ok. I did have a couple rows that had the same ID number though, doing a ‘repair’ on the table fixed that.

    is there any more information that I can provide that might make someone take interest in this situation?

    coming back to this 4 months after the fact, wordpress/mysql had somehow spazzed out and incremented the comment id to over 10 billion, which was causing some trouble. I had to go through and edit all the comment ids that were over teh 10 digit limit that mysql has.

    did this with a quick find and replace after I had disabled comments.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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