• I have made a page with all the info I have. Link above.

    The problem is that going to an anchor in another page now first hits that anchor, in all the tested cases, but then the page updates with having moved to its end.

    I have a feeling this has to do with Collapse-O-Matic. I didn’t use to be like this, but I cannot tell when it happened.

    The “Link to the page you need help with” given above is the test screen. Please take it from there.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Wow, lots to go through here.
    OK. First thing. In HTML, if you use a url with an URL anchor, the browser will automatically scroll down to any element that has this anchor as an ID or anchor tag (a) with a matching name attribute.

    In your first example:

    208:[1] hits correctly at first, then relocates to the bottom of the page

    the link use the url:
    and there is an LI element that has an id of Ref01 so the browser scrolls down to this element.

    second example: uses #handling_button_presses anchor, span tag with same id.
    third example: uses #Wiki-refs anchor, a tag with matching name attribute.

    now we get to example four.

    But going from a ‘[1]‘ ref (search for it)

    on which page, exactly? I assume you mean:

    or the contents list’s Handling button presses or searching for ‘Wiki-refs‘ and then press it (inside My processor-to-analogue audio equaliser notes) hit the correct places and do not relocate

    ah… what’s that?

    Just make sure that you are using UNIQUE id’s and UNIQUE name anchor attributes.
    If you then link to them from another page, the correct page will open and then scroll down to the correct location.

    If it’s on the same page, you do not need the full url, just the anchor:

    <a href="#ref1">

    If you need further assistance, try and be a bit more clear on what the issue is.

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    Thanks for your reply. I wondered about the style of your reply, like I was describing a problem that did not exist. I checked now along another line, maybe it’s the browser?

    I used Safari 13.1.2 on a Mac. It definitively does as I have described: The anchors are kind of not adherred to and the view goes to the end of the page. Not to the anchors when used from outside the page. They are of course unique. Some are made by headings automatically, but some I add myself. Some times with the id tag. Should any of those not be unique, of course I’d get to the first. I usually see that. But that was not what I was after.

    However, I now tested with Chrome 86.0.4240.198 and it works like it always has (also for Safari), and like we both would have expected it to do.

    I am sorry that I did not make myself clear enough. Even if I made a separate page with examples and really dis my best. It’s always a case with trying to be short and concise vs. long and wordy, when the first case doesn’t resonance with the reader.

    Maybe the problem is Safari. But then, Firefox 28.0 behaves just like Safari! It goes to the end of the pages.

    I’m not back to square one, since we know that Chrome does it. So, what’s wrong with JS code or WordPress code – or any of the plugins I use. I will try to disable Collapse-O-Matic and then compare. Stay tuned. I’ll update in the test page as well.

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    I tested by disabling Collapse-O-Matic. Now all browsers work as expected. They go to the anchors as they should. I had to clear history first for Firefox. Summary, to the best of my abilities:

    Enabled           Chrome ok. Safari and Firefox go to end of page.
    Disabled          Chrome, Safari and Firefox are all ok

    I will now enable it again, as I think its functionality is so nice. I just assumed the problem will be fixed in a future update. I’ll be glad to help.

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    ok, this is helpful. will troubleshoot further with safari and report back.
    Thank you for your feedback and patience in this.

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