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    Hi all,

    I turn here after trying to figure this out all morning. I’m going nuts. This is why I don’t build client sites with Woo. (especially since every addon costs to much)

    I have a client who is selling small cruise boat tickets. The boat has 16 rooms. I have the cruise itself setup as the main product with a add on options plugin for # of passengers etc. Now I could do this with the rooms BUT I need it so that the rooms come out of inventory once added to a single order.

    I have tried variable/attributes but I need the stock options. I need ideas. I’m so lost my brain hurts and I’m almost ready to return the deposit. It shouldn’t be this hard.

    I just need a simple dropdown of the cabin numbers (example – choose room= dropdown / cabin 1 / cabin 2 / cabin 3 etc.) BUT these selections need to be real products in Woo. It is imperative that they come out of inventory upon booking.

    Plugins, ideas anything let me know. I’ll buy you a coffee! 😉

    Thank you

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  • Here’s what I think you are trying to do.

    Create a product, make it variable.

    Go to Attributes, create ROOM then options of Cabin 1 | Cabin 2 | Cabin 3 etc.

    Save and then head to variations tab – add all the variations then click into each variation, click manage stock and add 1 for inventory on each one.

    I’d set it up once as a template, then just duplicate it for each date.

    Hey Jed,

    Yeah I’m thinking this is it too but it just stinks because it actually close to 320 rooms not 16. Going to take forever.

    Thank you for the reply. I would just use Woocommerce Booking but somehow they think it’s worth $250… Way to give back to the community Woo.

    You could try to make a variable product with a few options, then export the item and edit it in excel to make it right, then import the product back in.

    Some of those add-ons are actually REALLY worth it for the time savings.

    Consider how much they are going to make off these rooms and $250 is a drop in the bucket.

    I’m playing with a demo of bookings now on we’ll see…

    excel option makes sense. excel…. everytime I try to get out it drags me back in lol.


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    Hey @mbedev the WooCommerce Bookings plugin really would be the best fit for a setup like this.

    WooCommerce is by default designed to sell products, not rent them out. So managing inventory that gets checked out and then returned again isn’t something it really does by default. With the Bookings plugin you can set up your product and enter the number of rooms that are available. The customer would select the date they want, then the room type that they want (if you have different rooms types such as a standard room or a suite). You could also allow them to enter the number of people.

    I know you mentioned you were testing out a demo of it, but I figured I’d give you a little more information as demo’s don’t always capture ever situation.

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    Hi @mbedev,

    looks like you are all set for now so I am going to mark this thread as Resolved. Feel free to connect with us again should you have any additional questions!

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