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  1. sarahb86
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi, a couple of questions. The easy one:

    Is there a way to just have static images on the static homepage where the blog posts would go or do I have to "write" a blog and attach the image?

    And then, more complicated: (I'm a writer)

    *I would like my home page to bear images for each categories of my work. (e.g. "short films," "writing samples," "resume")
    *I would like one of those images to link to a page called "writing samples" which has other images for each type of writing sample, (e.g. screenplay, short, poetry, etc.)
    *I would like each image I put in the gallery on that page to link to a separate .pdf.

    As of now when I click on an image in the "gallery" function it just opens up an enormous version of the image I clicked on. (e.g. the image is a title page of a script I wrote and I when I click on the title page image I want the .pdf of said scrip to open in another window.)

    Does this make sense? Does anyone have any advice? I can't link to the site because it's not published yet.


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