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  • Customer selects the WooCommerce Custom Shipping Method at the Cart page. Customer then clicks the gold PayPal Checkout button, instead of “Proceed to Checkout”. The dollar amount is sent correctly to Paypal, and is shown correctly on the select method of payment in paypal screen valid login.

    The problem is: when the screen returns from Paypal to the Merchant Checkout page the WooCommerce Custom Shipping Method is not there, no charge is included in the total bill, and there is no way to refresh the screen and have the WooCommerce Custom Shipping Method show up again except to log off and back in.

    If the customer clicks “Proceed to Checkout” from the Cart page, agrees to terms and conditions, then clicks “Proceed to Paypal” everything works perfectly.

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    I believe that would require some additional coding. You can contact the PayPal plugin author for more info.



    Your saying your plugin will never work correctly if a customer chooses to bypass “Proceed to Checkout” at the Cart page, and proceed directly to Paypal to authorize payment?

    Your plugin is the only thing malfunctioning here. All the standard Woocommerce shipping options work perfectly in the same scenario.

    I am confused how this falls to the paypal gateway plugin when it is your plugin that is not working.

    Plugin Author webdata


    PayPal checkout button is not a WooCommerce feature. It is added by your PayPal plugin. At this point it is hard to tell what is causing your issue, but it is likely that other than WooCommmerce’s default shipping methods needs to add some custom code to make it to work. However this is just an assumption based on your description and the plugin developers are the ones who propably knows the right answer.

    Technically this is not a support question, but a feature request. I can take a look at some point to add better support for the official PayPal WooCommerce plugin.



    I’m probably not framing the issue correctly:

    1) The WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway plugin (from handles
    all processing of payments on this site.
    a) Link to the documentation for the plugin:

    2) Your plugin works perfectly upon return from Paypal if a customer clicks the
    Paypal button on the checkout page, but fails if the customer clicks the PayPal
    button on the cart page?
    a) This seems to be a minor flaw in uninitialized variables, or information
    handling due to the difference in the order the information is gathered
    versus a major feature upgrade.

    Thanks for walking through this Kim.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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