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  • Ok, so I have having a few problems with the css code in my style sheet. I’ve been trying to figure it out all day and nothing is working. I’ve searched and searched and tried every solution that I’ve found, but I am still having the same 3 problems. Here is my site
    Basic, I know, but I’m just beginning on this stuff. Anyways, i’d like to remove the bullets, change the link colors, and have the newest post show up first (I thought that was default?). I hope that someone can help me, like i said, I’ve been trying to figure this out all day long. thanks so much!

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    I looked at answering your other questions, however when I checked your site earlier I noticed 2 things — one you are NOT doing the “theme thing” In other words, you dont have a style sheet, and youve set about making whatever you are making in a non-standard fashion.

    If you weren’t I would NOT see this:

    In other words, until you have created a proper theme out of whatever you are doing, using normal CSS, theres probably very little help anyone can offer you.

    I guess I am seriously confused, then, because I had no clue that I was even doing anything wrong. lol. I thought I just had to go into the theme editor and change it there? I must be completely missing something. Sorry for wasting time when I obviously don’t know what I’m doing. lol. But, thanks for letting me know that there is something else going on there. I guess I’ll have to figure more out about creating a theme.

    Perhaps a better way, from what I’ve learned, as a flowchart:

    First find a theme that is sort-of like you want. If that’s the Default, then make a copy of it & rename it something else (in 2 places: the theme’s folder name, and at the top of the stylesheet). If you find another theme, upload that theme and switch to it.

    NOW — you *can* modify it in the theme editor, like you were doing. But it’s generally more recommended to modify it in a text editor on your computer (like Notepad, Notepad+++, or PSPad), and upload your changes via FTP, and continually reload your site to see what effect each and every change has, before proceeding.

    Keep a back up copy of those theme files before every change, so you can always go back.




    thats not all shes doing .. and if you need to verify that, bring up one of the index.php files inside a theme directory on your own site and see what you see.

    Themes done properly .. thats all that that file should ever display to a browser.

    Shes not calling a theme..I noticed when I looked much earlier that the front page displayed like it does now.. bt clicking on the the internal links went to a normal looking wordpress install that WAS calling a theme.

    thats all changed now, and all the pages are doing the same thing.

    Well, it seems like I was doing a whole lot wrong, so I just uninstalled wordpress, and then reinstalled it. lol. so, now I’m starting back from scratch. Hopefully I can get things right this time. Thanks so much for all the help. I really appreciate you both for helping me because if you wouldn’t have, I probably never would have know something was wrong. I know I am making stupid errors, but this is my first time doing anything like this and I think I was a little over my head.

    Once a theme is installed you select it in admin in presentation/themes.

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