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    Hi there,
    I migrated a site from Joomla.
    It’s taken weeks of time, and I’ve now spent many days trying to get the redirects to do what I want.

    I’d love some help with this, as I am starting to lose my hair over it. I know that time is of the essence because if the search engines keep getting 404s for my pages they’ll dump the listings.

    Here’s what I’ve not managed to figure out, and would really appreciate some hand holding with:
    1) The blog is located in /site/
    Is there a way to have all requests for /site/ look as though they are loading from / without jeopardizing my search engine rankings and listings?

    I have managed to get most of the old Joomla URI structure to redirect to corresponding WP structure for POSTS (not for pages, see below). But I want the /site/ to not show up. Is that possible?. And are there any disadvantages to doing that?

    For instance, an old Joomla URI might have looked like:
    The 555 at the end of the date (2008 12 03 555) is the ID.
    I currently have this redirecting to: /site/?p=555
    But is there a way to redirect to /?p=555 (even though WP is installed in /site/)?

    I have read the post on Giving WordPress It’s Own directory, yet I want to make sure I go about this the right way (as far as search engines, and incoming links are concerned, etc.).

    2) PAGES: I am able to pull up posts with /site/?p=ID and that made it easy to construct my redirects. I could just take the ID from the Joomla URI and redirect it to /site/?p=
    For some reason pages don’t pull up this way. Is that simply how WP works, and if so, is there a short URI for retrieving pages?

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  • I may have resolved issue #2 by using the shortlink /?page_id=ID instead of /?p=ID
    I seen comments online from people saying that ?p=ID will work for pages and posts, but that’s not the case in my experience.

    Still looking to figure out issue #1.

    Issue #3…
    I am trying to get a URI to a certain images directory to redirect. But for the life of me I can’t get it to work.

    Here is my rewrite rule:
    RewriteRule ^images/stories/jonathan_images/(.*)$1 [L,R=301]

    I tried it with and without the full domain details.

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    Resolved issue #1.
    Resolved issue #3.
    Still working on issue #2 because ?page_id= does not redirect posts, only pages. Have posted a question specific to this issue elsewhere.

    Marking this thread as RESOLVED

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