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  • Hi. I’m new here. I’m working on a website ( and I took it offline while making changes. I thought I used the Maintenance Plugin to do so. Now when I deactivate the maintenance plugin I still get the “Coming soon” message as the homepage. I have spent hours searching for an answer but to no avail! Please help.

    Many many many thanks,

    I tried using myphp to reset the plugins to 0…if that helps.
    I looked at my index.php file and it does not have the coming soon message.
    I looked at my header.php file and it does not have the coming soon message.

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  • are you sure you only have one of those plugins installed? maybe theres another youre missing. if not, try going in with FTP to wp-content/plugins, and deleting or renaming the folder for that plugin.

    Thanks for your fast reply. I used FTP and deleted ALL of my plugins. There was an index.php in the plugins folder that I just left there. I’m dumbfounded b/c I cannot figure out where the Coming Soon message is coming from, though I or my predecessor must have edited it at one time b/c it is personalized with site info. I’m thinking I need to play around with the index.html or .htaccess file but those seem complicated. Any other suggestions? When I view the source of the Coming Soon page it says the stuff below. Can you tell where on my site this page is stored based on this info?


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    Check that you don’t have an index.html file in your root domain folder.

    I think I know where my root domain folder is, but maybe not. I did a search in my WordPress folder on my comp for index.html and there were no results. I then used myphp to search for it again, no results. Is there anywhere else I should be looking? I come up wtih a lot of index.phps but no index.html.

    Thank you for your help!

    You need to look on the remote server – not your computer.

    Ok, went to Filezilla- looked in the wp admin and content folders- no index.html. What to do?!

    not in wp-admin or wp-content. outside of there. in your public_html main directory. most likely the same directory where wp-admin and wp-content are.

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