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  • nvisagie


    I have recently upgraded to version 5.1 of Contact Form 7; that is the one that supports Google reCaptcha V3…

    I am now getting swamped with spam mail. This was never an issue with reCaptcha V2, but now that the “I am not a Robot” block no longer displays in V3; I am getting tarred en fired!

    Can I go back to using V2 of reCaptcha and have it displayed on my contact form as before? I know about Akismed, but I am trying to avoid that if possible. I have tried adding a math problem that must be solved before the mail will go through, but that did not work. I am not trying the Honey Pot addon to see if that will work. It is possible that the mail are being send manually, but for someone to keep this pace up means that who ever this person is; they must not get any sleep!

    I will try finding a solution on my own until I hear from you and if I do, I will post it here.

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  • b2bdd


    You can download previous versions of the plugin from the plugin page on – just click “Advanced View” on the right of the page, then scroll down and you’ll see a selection dropdown with different versions to choose from. Download the zip file and install the plugin manually.

    Alternatively, you can use the plugin WP Rollback – just install and activate and then you’ll see an option on the plugin page called “Rollback” under each plugin name. Click that and select the version you want on the next page.

    After doing this, you may have to reenter your reCaptcha V2 keys on the integration page. And be careful not to update CF7 again, or you’ll have to do all this over again.

    With either option, you should create a backup of your site prior to installing the old plugin just to be safe.

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    I’m also getting a lot more spam after upgrading to 5.1 of Contact Form 7 and using it’s Google reCaptcha V3.

    Using Google reCaptcha V2 I had no spam coming through. I guess best solution is to revert back to older contact form plugin and use Google reCaptcha V2 again.



    Hi guys!

    This might help you as well: if simple numbers does not work try writing out numbers as letters, a bit harder for bots to manage, especially if not English.

    Extra plugins:



    @alriksson, I think you may start a resurgence of the quiz. I’ve rolled all the sites I manage back to v. 5.0.5, but getting rid of the Google reCAPTCHA completely and using quizzes would allow me to update without using reCAPTCHA v3.



    @alriksson @linux4me2 is the quiz still a reliable spam prevention tool vs Google reCaptcha V2?

    Not really but works good if you use letters and not numbersor questions that is harder to answer.

    Something like this would be awesome:

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