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  • Well. If he is, I’m sure he’s using WordPress.

    Hello, I’m professor Ivovic PhD.

    As head of Theological Pseudoscience at the University of Frito Lay, I’ve overseen countless hours of research into the translaton of one of the most important Christian documents ever produced.

    Based on that research I can confirm that this site is indeed genuine. God really has started a boring self-indulgent blog using wordpress.

    It bears the sacred symbol referred to in the old texts as the ‘Mark of Favor’.

    You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to translate “pink asterisk” from Aramaic.

    Didn’t Andy Kaufman start his own blog a few years ago too? {{snort}}

    @ OP: It’s an interesting, original concept. It will annoy the hell out of the Christian right who won’t see the irony and sarcasm of it, and the atheists and agnostics won’t pay it any mind.




    god has had a blog for a long time, but I cant find it right now.

    wow, god use WordPress and watch football! Interesting.

    @ Prof. Ivovic,

    You are most definitely, a man of many hats, as well as a superior observer with mad satirical skills. I swear to God ( oh, wait… He’s busy writing and article on improving communication skills with schizophrenics at the moment ), if you weren’t on the other side of the planet, I’d have to buy you a bear… a beer, a BEER! Oh, for Christ’s sake, now I think I might need analysis.

    (…one ticket, one way, window seat please.)

    Haha ClaytonJames, it’s Sunday afternoon here and I happen to have a Boag’s Premium in (ok near) hand as I write this, having dragged myself back to my desk.

    If you enjoy beer, I highly recommend you try to find this particular brew. It’s exported worldwide, but since God himself drinks it, it might be in short supply.

    I’m sure you’ll be reading about it on his blog in the coming weeks.

    Cheers to you 🙂

    This will really annoy AllahPundit. 🙂

    Wow I wasn’t expecting all of this support 🙂 Glad to hear that it’s original, I get these ideas in the most awkward of times, usually when I don’t have a writing utensil. What other blog to use than wordpress. Glad to see you guys liking it, hope to see some RSS Subscribers 🙂 Oh btw, do you guys reckon I should enable comments?

    Very cool idea. Seems to be off to a good start.

    Thanks, I’m just wondering how to get alot of attention to it 🙂 Favourite it.. =)

    start off with more interesting posts 🙂

    be.more.godlike. 🙂

    here’s an idea… try answering all of life’s questions. The answer doesn’t matter, as long as you can google it.

    I wanna see your site come up when I google “meaning of life” 😛

    Well, god can start endorsing sports figures, politicians, etc. He can claim to proudly be a member of the NRA, NOW, etc. Possibilities for lively discussion are endless.

    I was thinking of making it more of a “his life” and adventures, I’m currently brewing a new adventure he gets upto with the other gods.. enough said.. =)

    Check out the blog now =) Gods Launched Heaven For You Guys =P

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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