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    Okay – I’ve installed WP on godaddy several times in the past, and I know I’m changing the config file properly, however godaddy has added a “manager” and it seems they’ve made other changes we’re not aware of how to deal with yet.

    I performed the install exactly as I have in the past, and wind up with this: Error establishing a database connection

    This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can’t contact the database server at This could mean your host’s database server is down.

    I know that the database server/s aren’t down, because all other sites on which I’ve installed WP PRIOR to this “change” they made, are working fine.

    Any further ideas on what has happened? This is on Linux hosting…

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  • Have you contacted GoDaddy about this yet?

    My two cents…I’ve worked on a few client’s sites hosted on GoDaddy…my impressions: GoDaddy is an excellent registrar, but not-so-great host.

    Turns out that when GoDaddy changed their hosting plans and added their adorable (not) little control panel thingy, they made the “economy” hosting packages with the limitation that you can’t write tables to the database.


    This sucks, and I’ve complained many times over with them. I actually LOVE godaddy as a hosting company, and have never had a problem before this. However, I suppose that everything revolves around money, because I upgraded my hosting in order to use the dang WP…



    that is no longer the case – and i think actually, was never the case. i was mistaken – terribly! funny how we learn so much and forget what we didn’t know!

    at the time that i wrote that (if i remember correctly) godaddy had allowed installs on economy prior to their control panel changes – once they implemented that new control panel, i got frustrated trying to find my way around what needed to be done in there (it’s second nature now…) and when i did what i had always done, it didn’t work. however when i walked away from the computer, and came back to it the next day, i had no issues whatsoever.

    i believe that it was another friend of mine who had suggested that the permissions for writing tables was disabled on the economy hosting – and i associated that with the new control panel, because i was able to do it before – however i was incorrect.

    all godaddy hosting plans will accept wordpress, as long as you’re hosting on a LINUX server, as opposed to a WINDOWS server.

    this means, even the economy hosting with PHP, deluxe or deluxe-b with CGI and so on. those are the choices available for those wanting to run wordpress at godaddy.

    don’t worry if you originally chose the other type – you can change it in an instant from your account – go to “manage hosting accounts” and click on the name of the site. on the right hand side look for “upgrade/downgrade hosting account” and click it.

    choose the other option that is the same price as the current one – ensuring that you’re running on either Economy w/PHP or Deluxe w/CGI and you’ll be all set.

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