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  • Should i use this dedicated ip only for the domain that i want to use for wordpress mu installation?

    Yes. Because GoDaddy has already setup the wildcard on their end to point to the site the responds to the dedicated IP.

    So you mean that I can not install another worpress mu with the same dedicated ip.

    There must be another solution.


    Andrea_r is right, the dedicated ip directs users to the base install of WPMU (bdomain.com) and any subdomain will be seen as a part of that base install. In order to overcome this, you’d have to move the base install up one level in your domain hierarchy (e.g. something.bdomain.com) and let the wildcard point to the next level of subdomain for your multiple sites (e.g. site1.something.bdomain.com, site2.something.bdomain.com). That would allow you to create another base install at a different subdomain (e.g. somethingelse.bdomain.com).

    So you mean that I can not install another worpress mu with the same dedicated ip.

    Sure you can. Just not both using subdomains, and/or not at goDaddy.

    Maybe you know that on godaddy when we open a hosting with adomain.com for adding new domains we do like this

    bdomain.com use the adomain.com/bdomain directory
    cdomain.com use the adomain.com/cdomain directory

    when I install wordpress for bdomain.com I install on adomain/bdomain directory.

    in this situation how i will start?

    installing a worpress mu on test.adomain.com without pointing any domain ?

    installig a wordpress mu on bdomain.adomin.com (adomain.com/bdomain/)by pointing to bdomain.com?

    After the second when i add a new site newsite.bdomain.com wildcard dns points the domain to adomain.com

    Because ı add a wild card dns (*) to bdomain.com with dedicated ip of primary hosting domain which is adomain.com.

    i am totaly confused, I do not know how i will solve this problem.

    Use subfolders for the second one. then you won’t need the wildcard.

    Otherwise, you need a second IP for that domain. that’s godaddy’s requirement.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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