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  • I recently signed up with for a Windows hosting account. I’m on the ‘Deluxe Hosting with ASP’ plan. I uploaded all the WordPress files to my shiny new hosting space, changed all the settings in wp-settings.php and browsed to /wp-admin/install.php

    Like many others on this forum, i got the following error: ‘Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress’

    What i’d like to know is… is there anybody, at all, who has managed to get WordPress working on GoDaddy using a Windows hosting account and if so, please, i beg of you please, tell me how!

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  • Have you created a MySQL Database for you account? Does you hosting even offer you one? this is the first thing you need to find out.

    I would assume if you have the ability to setup one the functionality will be in your hostings control panel that they gave you.

    Check with your hosts about setting up MySQL, you can use WP without it

    I’m surprised that you got that far. I don’t think PHP will even run with that setup. “Deluxe Hosting with ASP” means the server-side language you have is ASP, not PHP. WordPress is a PHP application, and definitely won’t work without PHP.

    I’d suggest switching your account to Linux with PHP support.

    I have no problems with GoDaddy.. but not with teh set up you purchased. Use the cheap FTP based PHP MySQL service, and it works fine. Just know you have to tell GoDaddy to create your MySQL base, and then point wp to the correct location per the WP setup directions.

    The ‘Deluxe Hosting with ASP’ plan includes PHP support and also 10 MySQL databases. I have created a MySQL database using the online control panel. All that stuff is fine, yet the installation still fails. Other users on this forum have gotten the installation to work on GoDaddy, but as far as i can tell, none of them have managed it on the Windows plans. I think maybe i’ll just can the Windows account and convert to Linux instead.

    I just got a godaddy windows account and I can’t even get to that error message! All I get is a “page cannot be found” which happens for ALL my .php stuff for some reason. I don’t know what’s wrong. All my .html files work fine so it’s not like I uploaded them wrong.

    i have godaddy… you need to ask them to switch it to the linux server… their widnows server doesn’t do PHP…

    i asked them before i purchased it to make sure and they told me that it will work as long as its on the Linux server…

    good luck!!

    Yep… There is NO such thing as MySQL on any Windows hosting packages. You should request GoDaddy to switch your plan from the Windows to the Linux package… that should solve that issue.

    I’m also lost with GoDaddy. I’m under a Windows server, I want to switch over to a Linux so all the PHP thing can work since everyone seems to be having problems with Windows. Will I have to code all the HTML files again or will they work with the Linux Server? Do I have to do any modifications to the site at all since everything was done using FrontPage? Please tell me no modifications would have to be done… I hate Windows..


    If someone got PHP to work using Windows/GoDaddy, please let me know how.

    Okay, making the switch is quite simple.

    Log in to your account. Click on “Hosting and Servers” and then “My Hosting Account”

    Click on your domain from the list on the left.

    In the right hand window, you’ll see a link that says “Switch Operating System” – click it.

    Then you get a bunch of radio-button options. Find the account that’s the same cost as yours, but says the opposite. The choices you should make are one of the following:

    Economy Hosting w/ PHP – $3.99/mo.
    Deluxe Hosting with CGI – $9.99/mo.
    Deluxe Hosting with CGI – b – $6.99/mo.
    Premium Hosting w/ PHP / PERL – $19.99/mo.
    Premium Hosting w/ PHP / PERL – b – $14.99/mo.

    (I guarantee you don’t already have one of these selected, so pick the one that’s the same price as your current one.)

    Click the continue button.

    You’re done.
    No need to phone them.
    No need to try to work around it with the windows hosting (I’m here to tell you, with 9+ years experience with GoDaddy, hosting WP on windows server is NOT going to work without MAJOR amounts of tweaking and editing, and will in some way, wind up borking your site. Just take the 3 minutes to make the switch, wait for it to actually switch (10-15 mins) and be done with it.)

    You shouldn’t have any problems with your old stuff, but it’s a no-brainer: Make a back up before you do this.

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