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  • For thos ethat use GoDaddy, can you use the upgrade tool they have in the “my Hosting Connection” area?

    I know it only shows up to version 2.3.3, but will all of my content etc still be safe using this option?

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  • Any GoDaddy users here?

    third party hosting services would take sometime to offer wordpress 2.5…

    2.3.3 is safe and usable. so no issues there.

    Do I just use the upgrade feature in the GoDaddy Hosting Connection area?

    Will my existing data be safe etc?

    Airplane Freak,

    Really, you do NOT want to upgrade to WP v. 2.5. If you still have 2.3.3 – stay with it. Version 2.5 has way to many issues and it doesn’t work right on GoDaddy’s hosting either.

    Ignore the upgrade messages you get when you sign in now, and stay with the tool that works.

    Version 2.5 works fine on GoDaddy hosting. I use it there myself, no issues.

    However, I would recommend against any automated upgrader. Do it yourself, it’s not difficult.

    Whether you like 2.5 or not is a matter of opinion. You can test drive the admin interface here:

    Well then Otto, you must have some sort of ‘LUCK” because I put a brand new install, on a brand new site on GoDaddy Linux hosting and the image uploading doesn’t work.

    I have set up and maintain 79 blogs (20 of my own and the others for clients) using WP 2.3.3 and they all work just fine.

    I use Linux hosting at,,, and and every “new and clean” test installation of wp 2.5 has image problems.

    The most common of which is this error message: File is empty. Please upload something more substantial. This error could also be caused by uploads being disabled in your php.ini.

    And the second of which is: Specified file failed upload test.

    just did self install of 2.5 on godaddy and it does not work. it disabled registration and wouldnt let me in as admin

    going back to 2.3.3

    Well then Otto, you must have some sort of ‘LUCK” because I put a brand new install, on a brand new site on GoDaddy Linux hosting and the image uploading doesn’t work.

    I’ve done nothing special to enable it, and just now, as I write this, am uploading 3 pictures to my own blog using GoDaddy’s Linux hosting.

    I do have the special lines they want to enable PHP5 in my .htaccess (because one of my plugins needs PHP 5), but other than that, nothing special has been done to the installation.

    If you post the specific issues you’re having, I’ll try to help you work through it, but it works on my own blog.

    Additional: I have not tried it with their “economy” hosting, and I know it won’t work with their “free” hosting, but I use their “Deluxe” hosting package and it works perfectly there.

    I am a go daddy user, and just upgraded to 2.5. For me, it is slower, so Otto42, I am open to your help if nobody else does. My blog is at:

    I am upset over it being slower, so maybe you can help.

    My other issue is my contact form cannot be activated when I upgraded. Thanks Otto42.

    childrensfitness: I’ve seen large speed improvements on GoDaddy installations by simply installing WP-Super-Cache. I think that the godaddy shared servers throttle the amount of CPU cycles any one site can have, so by reducing page generation times, you improve the speed of the admin pages.

    Thank you Otto42. Being new to this, is the WP Super Cache plugin a difficult one to organize? If it is easy, I will give it a try.

    OK, Otto42. I just activated my WP Super Cache. Not sure if I did it correctly, but I will post if my site appears faster.

    I have 2 questions:

    It asked me if I want to delete expired pages. What is an expired page.

    Also, I seem to have a WP-Cache file. Where is this file, and do I need this with Super Cache?

    I use GoDaddy and I did the automatic 2.3.3 update over my existing blog install and had no problems. But there is very little content and customization at this point, so it should have been pretty simple.

    Otto, where did you go? 🙂

    Lypha users! I have issues. I can’t get Premium News Press to work properly. By FTP and CPanel I can’t get the directory to allowing writing while posting. (Which is essential for compressing and uploading photos for posts!)

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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