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    Guys I am pulling my hair out with Godaddy, I have a few websites hosted with them and over the last two weeks their shared hosting is grinding to a halt!

    I have raised a number of tickets and followed their advice about disabling plugins and installing W3 Total Cache all to no avail.

    The last email admitted they had speed issues and thanked me for my patience but their hosting is still chronic!

    My website is and I would appreciate someone else s feedback on the speed issues.

    I think the best bet would be to move my whole account somewhere more reliable but I fear that is a massive job!

    Thanks for any advice.


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  • Have you tried viewing your site on a different browser and/or machine. Your site seems pretty decent in terms of speed considering the number of images that you have.


    Thanks for your feedback and advice.

    I have to be honest and say things have slightly improved with Godaddy’s hosting but believe me it is so hit and miss, I have just run at test on another browser from work and my site is grinding to a halt, I have just come home and the site is running acceptable!

    It is so unpredictable with Godaddy, there version of excuses is that there is “latency issues”.

    All in all still disappointed with them so far as there is no happy medium.


    Last Ten,

    I believe we talked a bit about this on Twitter. Feel free to send me a message there if you’d like to reconsider the options we previously discussed regarding a migration.


    In all fairness to Cj from Godaddy he has been brilliant and helped me so much via Twitter

    Godaddy servers have certainly improved since we spoke Cj and at this moment in time I am happy with my level of service.

    Whatever was causing the latency you seem to have sorted it.

    Lets see how things go from now on.


    Last Ten,

    You can’t just arbitrarily blame your host because your website loads slowly. The delay in loading is the initial get request for the page which is the time PHP is rendering the page and interacting with the database.

    This could be from inadequate computing resources or a slow network connection to the database server both of these are hosting related and will be pretty much the same with any mega $5 a month hosting plan.

    It could also be from poor coding and extra database queries from your theme or plugins. You should take GoDaddy’s advice and install the caching plugin.

    You can also disable or delete all plugins and switch to the default theme (TwentyEleven since 3.3). After making these changes is the site still slow? If no, re-enable everything one by one to see which component causes the problem.

    Thanks Chris

    I will think you will find I can blame them when I have tried everything you mention prior to resorting to add issues to this forum.

    I think you will also find that the blame was with Godaddy and in all fairness to them they actually admitted there was an issue with the server associated with my account and it was caused by latency.

    Hopefully all sorted now so let’s see how it goes!


    Can CJ come and fix whatever issues I seem to be having I just ran a test and found my site to be outrageously slow.

    Looks like Godaddy has “LATENCY” issues again and it is taking me and members of my site at least 10-15 seconds to connect!

    I didn’t want to leave this thread open and unresponded. I will continue to work with you on this over Twitter.



    Yes I have also been noticing that my hosting is very slow. Why am I being charged if this is such a problem with wordpress?


    I believe I’ve already responded to you on another thread. Each issue relates individually to each site’s content and will need to be addressed as such.


    Go Daddy “free hosting plan” runs slow with WP. period.
    tried with wp 3.4.2 and 3.5 beta3

    DB host:



    I’d love to get more details. The free hosting that comes with our domains currently is a one page setup called “Instant Page” that wouldn’t be able to run WordPress at all. If you do have a hosting plan from when we had ad-supported hosting, then you’d possibly be on an older server.

    I’d be happy to look at it for you if you’d like to provide a domain name.


    I just contacted godaddy regarding this, and they fixed it in an hour or two!

    nice to see such responsive support!

    Another issues is that when I want to add a plugin from WP admin panel it gives “try again” screen, so I have to upload it manually… not such a big deal anyway…


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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