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  • Guys any suggestion for hosting? I wanna switch to another one.

    I have used Godaddy for more than one year. Everything is fine until I have switched to the Cpanel hosting plan of three years. I have only installed a wordpress application for this new hosting account. My current wordpress website with a handful of plugins is very very slow than ever and even cause the issue that Googlebot can’t access your site
    due to this slow speed.

    I submitted the support ticket to ask godaddy and only can get their reply about a week later.

    I totally have no idea of why my website could have been reaching the server resource limit for the cPanel plan I purchased. The plan i purchased is about 10 days and I have only installed an application of wordpress and have a handful of plugins in it only. It totally doesn’t make sense for a hosting service that would be such pretty slow and such bad like this.

    Here is the reply for my issue from Godaddy

    Answer: I have reviewed your account and found that your website has been reaching the server resource limit for your cPanel plan, and as a result, server resources and access to your site has been limited. To resolve this issue, you need to optimize your sites so that they do not require as many server resources, or if you cannot optimize your sites any further, you will need to move to a Virtual Private Server or Private Server as your sites have outgrown a shared hosting environment.

    Answer: This would make sense because you are using all of the resources for your hosting account. When that occurs, Google bots, just like any other visitor to your site, would see slower performance or possibly not be able to reach the site at all.

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  • catacaustic


    very awesome

    Godaddy is pretty well known for having less-than-great web hosting services, so you’re not along in finding this. Anything more then a plain HTML-only site can cause them to fall over.

    As far as recommendations, there’s the “official” recommended hosts listed here, but there’s also 1,000’s of other places that can do better. Just look around and you’ll find something better than where you are now.

    Also, this thread will probably get closed by one of the mods quickly as talk about hosting tends to generate an inordinate amount of SPAM replies. 🙂

    Check the official recommended hosts. Otherwise you are going to get suggestions from repliers that are affiliate links.

    thanks catacaustic

    could you let me know which one is better with the wordpress application cuz i not familiar with the hosting service. Anyway, I can’t stand to the one in such slow speed unreasonably



    very awesome

    I am not going to recommend any hosts here as it’s against the forums policies. On top of that, everyone does things a little bit differently, so differnt hosts suit different people. It’s up to you do actually look at the link that I provided above, or find something for yourself.

    Google the following words:

    webhost review

    look at the reviews on those sites.

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