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  • I have one WordPress sites hosting on a GoDaddy linux web hosting plan. i have buy on 13 th july I had slow/performance issues from day one It worked well only 10 days …. Now, my site intermittently do not load or take minutes to load. Sometimes they pop right up. Sometimes it times out and I get an timeout 80 error or database mysql downtime. i contact godaddy support team, but it’s really the best worst experience and they are not be able to help me.
    this is the prove of intermittently not load page and timeout check here:
    my website it’s
    i have open over of 10 ticket to email support and also open a ticket in the forum
    but my second answer was censured. because was not accepted i think.
    Check type: HTTP on at top right. is not ping check.
    So my website have intermittenly down time.
    im really sad about this experience at godaddy i have buy hosting plan on 13 th july and now 8 august 2012 i have this stupid problem over 8 days. also i check my website there and see how much lag to open, more then 20 seconds and in the so much case more then 45 seconds to open. with so many error ad so many different server. so im think im out of blooging. thank you godaddy, you can’t help me, or you dont have time to help our customer our u just joke with customer. they say, monitor your website with a program called Whireshark but i dont know how to use this. I hope for a resolution of the problem if it persists and there is no way to solve it as soon as possible I will be forced to unfortunatly change the hosting service. because this is unacceptable, i dont know how to use this complicated Wireshark. you are my hosting support helper, you have to test EVERYTHING and not me. i just have a problem, just monitor my website with our professional tools for the next 48 HOURS and find the problem i think is not impossible request. do it, save me because i love godaddy. but at this time i dont have any type of a professional support service.
    thank you.

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  • According to this analysis of your web site on, your site is getting an “F” on First Byte Time. This measurement specifically is the time it takes for the GoDaddy server to respond with any information.

    There are several things that effect that number, such as server load, number of people sharing your server at GoDaddy, and efficiency of your WordPress install. To test the last item, try disabling all plugins, then running a few new tests at If the number goes down significantly on average, you know that a plugin you have installed is causing delays, so start enabling plugins and re-testing until you find the culprit. Otherwise, try installing a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache.

    If that doesn’t resolve your issue, or if you’d like to find better support elsewhere, HostGator support gets 95% positive reviews at (compared to 55% for GoDaddy). They also offer free migration from your old host.

    If you need very high-performance WordPress-specific hosting, take a look at, which includes a hardware caching layer (very fast, no management on your part), and automatic WordPress upgrades.

    I suggest any of the WordPress recommended hosting services for trouble-free running of your site and solving problems easily, if they occur. See here:

    thank you guys for your answer i will take a look.

    i have try to disable every plugin, but the F First Byte Time
    is not change. remain always F.

    I am having intermittent problems like you but with a different host. They have been trying to troubleshoot it for 2 weeks. I have tried installing W3 Total Cache and even a fresh install but nothing seems to work. There is something holding up the delivery of the website. I am considering trying a different host for a trial period (money back guarantee) to see what happens. WPEngine is far too expensive for my needs.

    Hi Marius84,

    I am very sorry to hear about your recent experience. I do note that there was some unavailability from your pingdom report however everything looks stable now.

    Have you experienced more slowness since then? Is it at certain times? The website is responding very quickly right now from Phoenix AZ (and it appears your site is using our EU hosting) so that is a good sign.

    If you experience this slowness again I invite you to email immediately so our group can take a look at it while it is happening.

    thank you GABE yes at the moment EVERYTHINK finally it’s stable! i really hope that’s continue forever as today 😉
    and also today i have no more downtime you can see here the green line and also my website it’s open really fast.
    Now my website it’s fast fast and fast!
    if i have any slow problem again i will contact
    thank you so much for your reply.

    @marius84 Glad to hear @gabe_godaddy got you taken care of! Great service on his part!

    @stpurno You are right that WPEngine would only be appropriate for very high-performance situations where cost is not as much of a factor. Do look into the hosts recommended by

    if i have any slow problem again i will contact
    thank you so much for your reply


    I am very glad to have been able to help! One correction on my part, the email address is just

    Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need us again!

    Go Daddy Hosting Ambassador

    yep, thank you again for give us the correct email, i no see problem during this days everythink it’s really ok and godaddy hosting have FAST hosting at the moment.

    I would also suggest reviewing your site and even specific pages/posts etc at Google Page Speed which has a new Critical Path Explorer. I just did for homepage and it looks to me like a careful review of this will allude to some issues. Review where these files are loading from, a theme? a plugin? I think both are not working well together (still).

    Your site could test more like this

    i dont have any problem now, with my website.
    at the moment my website it’s run really good and fast. and i want to thanks godaddy for fix it.
    was not depend by me or my plugin because i deactivate all to try if depends by plugin.
    the most important thing at the moment it’s only one:
    My website run fast!
    i will fix in the future other little issue.

    No problem! 🙂

    I had this same issue and switched to host gator and it is completely gone. I thought it was my site, but it was the hosting.

    Best wishes,


    Anthony why up a really old thread?
    Godaddy Hosting at the moment is the best Hosting

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