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  • This is about my shared hosting on

    When I bought this I talked to someone at Godaddy and told them what I wanted. They said shared hosting is good enough, as I could park all my domains and that it had unlimited bandwidth etc…

    I was told I could host upto 25 WordPress websites on that host.

    The problem and complaint is this:

    The server cant even handle one active wordpress website, so that is a lie or the service you have sold me is significantly different to what was described.
    The wordpress blog has only been up for one month and it cant handle it.
    I was told it is because of my plugins. But I have switched off most of the ‘big’ plugins, including ones that I have paid for! Over last 24 hours though the server has maxed out 4 times still.
    I was on the phone and on my Google Analytics realtime stats. I showed that I had ONE active user on the WP site and on cpanel already it was showing 100 to 250mb memory usage that about 50% of the memory with just one active user on the site? That is terrible service.
    My cpanel is contracted for 18 more months, even with very small amount of traffic this server is slow and cant cope! This is a fact.
    My other WordPress website only has the default plugins so I cant see how it is the plugins causing this issue.
    I even used something called Cloudflare and WP super cache to increase efficiency, but even with those running the resources are getting maxed out.
    I spoke to the hosting support and they agreed the hosting can not handle the site.

    what options do I have,

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    Your best option is to switch hosts, really, or upgrade to a better plan at GoDaddy I suppose.

    The WordPress team has provided a recommended hosting provider (with more on the way this month).

    Be mindful of the requirements, and for more details and other recommendations, please search through the forums or via your preferred search engine.

    (Please note that if this thread begins to generate spam, quite common for hosting threads, we’ll have to close it.)

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