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  • I’ve got four sites running inside GoDaddy’s Shared Linux Servers.

    Sometimes, the response time is nominal, but there are times when the response times on clicks, just access the website, trying to access the login page, trying to get to the dashboard, etc. exceed 5 minutes each. I could see a hit on the first page load, especially when it has to swap the address space in, but after it is loaded, the performance problems persist.

    Even for a shared system, this is quite unacceptable. These sites tonight are not even workable. Some of the time, I get ‘Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage’ messages. This is just trying to get to the main page.

    At 9PM tonight, I first made a basic change – adding a child to a parent page and then I could not access the website for over 10 minutes. I though I really broke something, so I logged on to the GD Customer Site and restored the database to the prior backup. That ran in about 7 minutes. Then, the site was still abysmally slow. I then went to another site, one that just has a basic WP install. That also displayed the same poor response times. Right now, I can’t even login to that one either. I can view some pages, at times, but the login attempts fail with the MSIE cannot display website messages.

    As an IT officer for a major financial firm, I am not impressed with the service I am getting. I know these are basic shared servers, but I do not even have a load on them. I’m hesitant to upgrade service with them since their shared servers aren’t even working properly enough to customize them.

    If they are doing system backups, then why are they doing it at 9PM – 10 PM?

    Does anyone else have this problem?

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  • yes as a search here will show you
    it seems godaddy has become severely overloaded and it seems their suggestion is to always get a dedicated server

    I would change hosts pronto

    Go Daddy


    Go Daddy Support

    It’s always our goal to provide quality server performance and want you to have excellent response time. Most blogs don’t need the resources of a dedicated server and are just fine using a Go Daddy shared server. If you happen to run into issues with site speed, we recommend reviewing this help article:

    If for some reason you are still have issues, we ask that you contact our support team at 480.505.8877 so they can investigate.

    Resorting to full site caching plugins as a “solution” is not the way to go for a dynamic blog. A caching plugin should make pages load faster if one wants to, not be essential to get under 200ms response times.

    D’oh ……

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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