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  • Wilwa



    This might be basic but I’m feeling lost at the moment.

    I’ve set up my theme and such through GoDaddy quick setup. I’ve vhocen the gallery option as I want to display my photos.

    In the setup itself you get the chance to upload photos to be added to the Gallery page. The photos uploaded through there is like a blog-post. If you click on the photo you can comment on it and Fotomoto buttons are there.

    However, I can’t find a way to add to the gallery page when not going through the setup. Which is a hassle, of course, as everything is redone.

    If I try to add photos in the gallery page, the photos aren’t given it’s own page and just becomes a pop up – which makes people unable to comment and get to Fotomoto.

    If I make a blog post with the picture, it acts like how the photos act if I do it through the setup guide, but the photo isn’t presented in the gallery page but in the blog page, where it shouldn’t be (but the setup is that blog posts is added to the blog so that isn’t a problem in itself).

    I hope I managed to express the problem clearly.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Wilwa


    Hi again.

    I think I’m making progress. Getting a post-page I was talking about I should direct the image to the attachment link.

    When I upload the image it gets an attachment link.

    But when I choose to link the image to the attachment link when adding to my gallery page, it doesn’t work. It says “oopps… can’t be found”. What am I doing wrong?

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