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  • Hi,
    When Godaddy installs wordpress – everything is great – but domains install like this

    and not

    I realize some people might try and say the www is not needed – it shouldnt need to be fixed – etc.


    Is there a way to fix this? Whey does Godaddy install like this?

    Does bluehost or dreamhost install things with a www?


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  • Log in admin panel Settings>>>>>General and add www in urls

    that breaks things.

    are you on godaddy?


    No I just changed on my test site and it worked may be Go Daddy may be is different.

    I think so because things break when I do that on godaddy – can anyone else confirm?


    This isn’t specifically a WordPress issue. It’s the way your domain’s DNS record and/or server is configured. You’ll have to talk to GoDaddy support. It can usually be fixed by adding an A record for your domain.

    You should still have a www record. If you don’t, create one as kionae said. Otherwise, just log into your blog, go to Settings > General, and change the two URLs there to have www in them.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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