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[Resolved] GoDaddy new host for WP website, must change IP

  • I am switching from my WordPress dot com to a hosted wordpress dot org website. GoDaddy hosts the new WP website and issued a temp url. I was told by their help desk that I needed to have WP change the http://www.avonwaters.com url ip address to the new host’s IP. I have the new IP, who do I contact to change the IP address so my http://www.avonwaters.com will become, or reference, the new website?
    Also, should I post the IP address in a public forum or is this kept private?

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  • You don’t need to change the IP.

    First go here
    and make
    the Primary domain.
    That will separate the two.

    The click Edit Domain along from avonwaters.com
    click Name Servers
    click Use the custom Name Servers listed below
    and enter in there the Godaddy Name Servers they will have given you.

    Update that. And then you have to wait a while (up to 72 hours but it’s usually quicker) for theName Servers change to propagate through the net. It’s perfectly normal, can’t be speeded. After that time you will see the Godaddy hosted site at avonwaters.com

    Does that help? If not, or anything is confusing please do post back.

    Thanks Mark: one followup, when you write “click Use the custom Name Servers listed below
    and enter in there the Godaddy Name Servers they will have given you.
    Update that. And then you have to wait a while (up to 72 ho…” Name of server, is that the IP address I have for the GoDaddy host? I was only given IP, Post, Username and PW for a DNS transfer. Is the server name you refer to something other than the IP address?

    Nameservers are usually like this:

    They would not normally be IP addresses.

    I would get Godaddy on their live chat and ask for the NS you need.

    Thanks, I saw an N1, N2 and when I put the ip address in and hit save, it added an N3. Your instructions sure are a lot easier to follow than the FTP upload process they were trying to have me do through Filezilla. Thanks, this should work after I sort out the NS.

    Once you have changed the nameservers you can see the progression across the net here by entering your domain:


    The “Time To Live:” is seconds so reloading the page often won’t show a change. I’d check every hour or so. Eventually they will all point to the same place.

    If you see any problems though do post back.

    Overnight two of the many servers showed time to launch zero and the others still show failed; but I have lost access to my website via the temp url, is this a normal thing while waiting for the domain shift? And the USER name for it now no longer exists and I had to sign into this forum using the old WP password and user name. Is that normal too?

    This forum’s login details are entirely separate from any other site/blog.

    I see the nameservers for avonwaters.com as being
    Name Server: NS1.WORDPRESS.COM
    Name Server: NS2.WORDPRESS.COM
    so until they are changed to the Godaddy NS then the new site can’t go live.
    Godaddy NS are usually something like

    Have you asked godaddy for the correct ones to use?

    I called GoDaddy and the Nameservers they gave me were added to the gateway and I deleted the WordPress dot com name servers. So now it will start the launch process?


    Yes, that’s perfect 🙂

    Something is wrong. 3 p.m. May 29 the server name was changed to the godaddy names, but 75 hours later, the http://www.avonwaters.com still shows parked by wordpress and the webtool you sent shows only two servers as zero time to launch, the rest as failed.

    The page you see might be a default index.html file placed by Godaddy.

    In your Godaddy account there should be a File Manager.
    Or they might have given you details how to connect using an ftp program.

    Can you look inside the www or public_html directory and tell me what you see?

    Thanks Mark, Godaddy says the launch failed and they are going to have to do a zone launch to fix the issue and that will take 24 to 48 hours. Until then they say the sftp information will not launch a file manager or can be accessed via a file manager such as what I am using, filezilla.

    After 48 hours, and the Godaddy zone launch fix, the website avonwaters.com still shows parked by wordpress. Any ideas how to get this to launch? How to get wordpress to unpark it? Is the issue on WP end or Godaddy?

    Can you use either an ftp client or a file manager in your Godaddy control panel to look inside the /public_html directory?
    I suspect there is an index.html file there and that needs deleting.

    No, the FTP filezilla manager gives me failed connections if I use the port 22 or change it per a video Godaddy sent, change it to port 21; both fail.
    Waiting to retry…
    Status: Connecting to MY IP HERE..
    Response: fzSftp started
    Command: open “MY IP HERE and PW” 21
    Error: Connection timed out
    Error: Could not connect to server

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