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  • After having been with Godaddy since 2006 with my WP blog,, its suddenly having massive issues. I’ve been getting the lost connection error when frequently saving posts, as others have stated in this forum. Today, I have been frequently changing some images, uploading them, refreshing the page to see how they looked, etc (I only get a few hundred visitors a day so I often update little stuff in the live site), and suddenly I can’t access anything, including the WP login page. Godaddy tech claims my blog is making too many connections and is using 1 GB of memory when only 128 mb is allowed for Deluxe Web Hosting and that’s why the 503 errors. I’m using W3 Total Cache and Bad Behavior, so cached pages and bots minimized. My images are local. Google AdSense, Disqus, and Youtube videos in the posts are the main external links. Otherwise the site rates very well in Pingdom and other online tests. But suddenly they say its a memory hog and my site is nearly dead.

    Anyone else having this issue?

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  • This explains a lot! Have been defending Godaddy for years but it looks like their security software is now way too conservative for WordPress blogs

    Update: Godaddy’s tech support refused to help, blamed it on WordPress “using more memory than is allowed” (yeah, I’ve had this WP blog since 2006 and now its suddenly a problem?). I saw in another post that GD tech support whitelisted her IP and it resolved the issue. I told them that but they refused to consider it. So after 8 years I fired Godaddy and moved my site to Siteground. It tests better than Godaddy and I haven’t seen this issue since.

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