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  • i just hanged up with the costumer support and there first answer for my problem was your using wordpress and the problem is casued by it and its plugins..

    then they have discovered that there new rule (an IP address is allowed for 5 requested per one minute if you ask for 6 requests your IP will be blocked for 2 minutes up to 4 minutes)..

    and there saying that and there proud of there selves..
    please anyone have any get away from this rule or should i go to another hosting??

    am running a blog but many of my visitors will be processing more than 10 requests (this means my website will always be offline)

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  • esmi


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    Thank you for this information. Can you clarify what the problem was on your site?

    my problem is stated up here..
    i have 4 websites all on wordpress, and 2 of them still under development..

    i am an online developer and dont like local hosting, the problem started before 14 days when there servers gone off for 24 full hours, when i called they idmited it and they said there sorry.
    then my website started to hang evey two minutes and errors come no data received and blank white pages..

    i called they said its a plugin causing this things..

    i delted the whole site, changed my theme, changed all the plugins (even when i was in an empty wordpress installation the problem still there)…
    today i was writing an article and am blocked i cannot access the backend or front end or anything, i called them they told me same what i have said in the above comment…

    now if you go to my website ( or any of them) and click refresh 6 times or go to 6 diferent pages you will see a blank page or no data recieved error)
    my websites:

    then they have discovered that there new rule (an IP address is allowed for 5 requested per one minute if you ask for 6 requests your IP will be blocked for 2 minutes up to 4 minutes)..

    They should only be throttling an IP there (just like Wordfence Security can do), not blocking. I would tell them to either change that or I would leave.

    i already said that to the support, her answer is: its your own hosting account and you can do what you want in it***

    this is a good company???

    They might be a good company that has just made a bad decision that might now cost them some revenue…

    no, this is not the only thing there doing, there servers was dead in singapore for a whole 24 Hours last week…

    there spending money on there advertisement and making websites to advertise them more than they make to be better in the market..



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    Can I just confirm that the error you’re seeing is ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE?

    no no its not… the error is that if you use 6 resources in 1 minute then your ip is blocked for 2-4 minutes and all what you can see is no data recieved or a blank white page



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    I need to know the actual error seen by the site owner or visitor – not the cause. Can you confirm that the error on the site is ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE?

    i have a screen shot of the error this is frst, second thing if you go to my website and press refresh 6 times in one minutes you will see the error
    most of the times the error will come



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    That looks like the same kind of error we’ve been seeing over the past few days from other users. We’d pretty much decided that it was GoDaddy specific but getting an explanation of what is happening is tremendously helpful. Off to update as many GD related topics as I can.

    I think their support lines are going to get pretty hot over the next 24 hours. If they continue with this policy, I think it would be fair to say that they are no longer suitable hosts for WordPress sites. If anyone is thinking of moving hosts, there are some other hosts listed here.

    Here is what I just got after clicking several times within a minute:

    Unable to connect

    Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

    i would love to find another hosting account that i will not have any problem in, but until now i have changed 5 hostings, if the pprice is good then its not good host, if there good host they will sh**t things up after a while, if there so good there prices will be high… i need urgent help really

    thats the problem @leejosepho this is the error we all having..

    please to let them know we are upset join me on this post
    [ Facebook link deleted, that’s not how support works here ]

    I just did those multiple clicks again and ended up with the same “Unable to connect” message, but then I cleared my browser and was able to connect. So, I cannot be sure as to whether or not I had been blocked. Overall, my guess would be along the line of a load speed problem here rather than blocking.

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