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    I have four WordPress sites on a GoDaddy grid hosting plan. I had slow/performance issues from day one so they switched me to the grid hosting plan. It worked well for a few months…. Now, my sites intermittently do not load or take minutes to load. Sometimes they pop right up. Sometimes it times out and I get an Apache Port 80 error. I’ve spent hours on the phone with GoDaddy but they tell me it’s a WordPress issue (shocker). I find that hard to believe since another one of my sites with them–a simplistic CSS site–would also not load several times this week. They say it is a “scripting issue” that I will have no matter where I move my site. Error logs say that the scripts are timing out.

    I’ve got all the performance plugins installed on all 4 sites (super-cache, offload) and even disabled all my plugins to no avail.

    Here’s one of my sites:

    Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance 🙂

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    Thanks for posting. I talked to our advanced hosting team and there was a temporary issue that has now been resolved. If you have any other issues, please contact Support at


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    The site in question was moved to BlueHost. Now, the site runs great; so in a way, I suppose this issue is partly “solved.” However…

    I still have three other WordPress sites residing on GoDaddy servers that are problematic. The sites are ridiculously slow, or do not come up at all reporting the same “Apache Server Port 80 error.” As stated many times to tech support, it’s a random, frequent occurrence (since August 2010). Sometimes the sites pop right up. Sometimes they hang for minutes at a time and the “Apache Server Port 80 error” appears.

    These sites with GoDaddy hosting are still running slow:

    This was moved to BlueHost and works great:

    The fact that the hammingitup site works beautifully in it’s new hosting environment (BlueHost) while the other three on GoDaddy servers lag, hang and report errors speaks volumes.

    Also, Alicia, I appreciate the support link, but I’m a little too familiar with your Support Department. Nice folks, but I have billable work I’d like to get done. Besides, a detailed letter has already been submitted to the “advanced team” at GoDaddy Support. Please refer to this letter for clarity before marking this issue “solved.” Also, if my support calls have been documented, I’m sure it’s a few inches deep. I posted here to hopefully get an objective, second opinion.

    I’m new to WordPress and didn’t realize how important it would be to choose the right web host. Too bad I didn’t visit this page sooner:

    Hope this helps someone else in the same predicament.


    Thanks for posting back. I have someone from our hosting team investigating the issue further. They’ll be in touch with you.


    The mentioned problems sound like server-caused issues, however, it could be your sites or databases which are contributing to it. Regardless of where the main problem lies, optimizing your sites is always a good idea.

    I’m not sure what you’ve done in the way of optimization, but the following article provides lots of helpful tips to get your sites running smoothly:

    Hope that helps!

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    @ bh_WP_fan

    That link is extremely helpful! I agree it could be the databases and site bloat. Two of the sites, though, barely have any content; which, again, leads me to believe it’s the hosting environment. Still, as you said, it’s always good to optimize your sites.

    If nothing else, this situation has forced me to learn more about WordPress which is always a good thing. 🙂

    Thanks for the constructive input and objective opinion!

    I stopped using Godaddy for my hosting 2 years ago because of this issue and haven’t had a problem since. I personally believe and have read in numerous places it’s because their servers are overloaded. For instance, someone I know has his site hosted at Godaddy and there are 2036 other sites hosted on his server. I’m now using Hostgator and there are 670 other sites hosted on my server. Big difference.

    It is Godaddy. It is nothing any of you are doing. I have a number of WordPress sites I built for clients, and the ones on GoDaddy ALL run slow. Like 90-second page load slow. Of course, GoDaddy says it is anyone else’s fault but theirs. The fact, though, is that their servers are so completely overloaded that they cannot provide the basic service they have sold us. Their solution? Upsell you to a dedicated server.

    Let me put this in perspective:

    If I do a Reverse IP lookup of one of my wordpress sites on Godaddy, I find that there are 3,900 other sites running on the same server. The same search for a HostGator-hosted site reveals 370 sites, and for Dreamhost, 40 sites. That means that a given GoDaddy server is hosting 100 times more sites than a DreamHost server. And they say it’s WordPress’ fault. C’mon.

    The only solution, unfortunately, is to abandon GoDaddy, and to publicize that choice as much as possible (tell friends, blog about it). A company this large only responds to revenue loss, unfortunately, so maybe that is what it will take for them to stop overloading their servers.

    OK, I’m done venting. Time to go cancel some GoDaddy accounts….

    I have a site with the same issue as the first page. Although it does not pop up with a error it is super slow. It was fine in July and now its slow.


    We do offer an article that provides some troubleshooting steps if your site is running slow. Let me know if this doesn’t help do the trick.


    @godaddy it’s still pretty slow, should I host my images on flikr?

    @godaddy also my login page takes about 20 secs to load and i created a test site (with only the twenty ten theme with no plugins or posts) on the same hosting and its still super slow! Thinking about switching to hostgator.


    Another suggestion you should try if you haven’t already is moving to our Grid-based hosting. This will help with traffic spikes on the server and many users have seen performance improvements since migrating to grid. Make sure you back up all your files and databases prior to the move. Also Support is more than happy to assist with migration and go over all the details for you. Please note there is no additional cost to switch to Grid-based Hosting. For more information on grid please see here:



    I’m experiencing the same problems that creativepickle has been having for ages (he posted a few requests for help before)

    I’m tired of reading that the solution is to turn on cache, using wp-db manager or moving to GoDaddy’s Grid-based hosting. GoDaddy’s Grid-based hosting is as awful as the most basic of hostings. I do have a 4GH Web Hosting account and it is painfully slow.

    I run a reverse look up and it shows that I share the server with other 4,330 domains!!!!

    I will be moving my website and asking for a refund .

    It was the very first time that I tried GoDaddy and the last one!

    I think I’m going to throw my hat in the ring too. Have been using GoDaddy for a few years now for just messing around and hosting some small time stuff. I’ve hosted WordPress, phpBB and SimpleMachinesForums there and they all have generally felt slow.

    A while back I set up a free web check over on Pingdom. They give you a single check for free. I pointed it at my site and had it run a check every minute let it just sit and run.

    In the last month there’s been 1 hour and 13 minutes of downtime on 17 different occasions. Still 99.8% up, but the kicker is response time. Average response time is 1,064 ms with the fastest ever being 957 ms.

    I know it’s shared hosting (about 2,900 hosts on the reverse IP lookup) but that’s just awful in my book.

    So, I’m looking to find a new host and wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I need something that has good performance, a decent amount of storage and unlimited bandwidth. I’m looking to start up a wordpress/podcast site and while I don’t expect a lot of traffic, I’d hate to get a $1,000 bandwidth bill one month if we get slashdotted or something.

    Any thoughts?

    So I’ve banged heads with GoDaddy when it comes to WordPress. I’ve had much better success with However many times my clients are already set and don’t want to change from GoDaddy, so I’d highly recommend installing the “wp super cache” and the “wp minify” plugins. These 2 plugins generally cut the load time by about 60%. So instead of 7-9 seconds to load a page it takes about 2-3. Still not great… but a lot better than 7-9.

    This works for me because the majority of my sites are generally a lot of pages that don’t change too often. Not sure how it’d work with sites with lots of dynamic content…but try it out!

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