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  • I’m setting up a site for someone that they are hosting in a subdirectory on another GoDaddy site. I’m having trouble figuring out what the hell is going on and am having a series of problems:

    1) The built-in wordpress installation didn’t create a MySQL database. Do I need to create a database of my own? Which relates to…

    2) I want to import a backed up WP database from a previous version of the site but the PHPMyAdmin in GoDaddy doesn’t have the browse button or an import option. Not to mention I’m only able to access PHPMyAdmin if I create my own new database which isn’t linked up to WP in any way as far as I can tell.

    3) Just creating some pages in WP to test out my templates isn’t working the way I want. You can see it here: the links at the top are generated with wp_list_pages but they aren’t working. This may be database related or who knows. GoDaddy is making me mad.

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  • Click on the godaddy tag up top and you’ll find many references/solutions/workarounds/guides for godaddy and WP.

    Thanks. Going through those threads and trying stuff on my own the only solution I can think of is to tell them to get rid of GoDaddy. I can’t believe how complicated they make things!

    The 2 biggies are make sure its a linux/php plan, and you have to use their MySQL db naming convention (in wp-config.php).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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