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  • So I recently purchased some hosting space on GoDaddy and they offer wordpress, stating it intergrates flawlessly. So I went ahead and clicked the install WordPress button on my godaddy hosting dashboard. So I can access WordPress from my host no issues, log in fine and what not. Now here is the issue. I cant get anything to work. I cant install themes, unless I do it manually through my FTP and even then they dont work properly. Any plugin I install says it installed fine, and I can even activate it, but the next time I log in every single plug in says “has been deactivated due to an error: The plugin does not have a valid header.”….so I cant get any premium themes to work properly because of this. When I try to connect Jetpack I then get this error “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” or sometimes another error 🙁 I have tried everything even re installing WordPress. Its supposed to install flawlessly with GoDaddy and no one seems to have issues but me. Does anyone have any insight into this? Im trying to get my site running and have spent the last few days searching the forums for answers with no avail, I have also contacted GoDaddy support with no luck from them either. Someone halp! thank you

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  • Are you using a Windows or Linux account? Login to your GD account to find out or call them…

    Im using the Windows account, may switch over to linux down the road but havnt decided yet

    Do so now…

    could you tell me why? just curious could you tell me what the benefits are. I am pretty familiar with linux, just never hosted on a linux server before

    I agree with Seacoast Web Design.

    You’ll want to use Linux hosting for any WordPress/PHP site.

    You can use Windows IIS 7, but you won’t get the best results.

    We’ve found that overall, PHP sites perform much better in the Linux environment. The only reason you’d want to keep Windows would be if you’re going to use a launguage requiring it such as ASP or ASP.NET. Otherwise, there’s no reason to sacrifice the performance of your WordPress site.

    Also, it’s an easy change: has the instructions.


    Why does Jetpack is not running on Godaddy windows hosting only ??
    It does with all other hosting providers.

    Shame on you guys…!!
    Put a note beside your “Buy” button.
    “We do not guaranty that WordPress will work on our Windows hosting”

    Please contact GoDaddy directly about any questions/issues on their hosting.

    As per the forum guidelines, closing this thread –

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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