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    I installed the latest download into my server. I tried to upload a theme and a few different plug ins to the content folder, and then from there to their respective folders (like putting the theme I downloaded into the themes folder). I don’t understand why they aren’t showing up. The main problem is that I want to replace the header with my own image. I created one and renamed it kubrickheader.jpg and uploaded it to the images folder within the default theme, doesn’t work.

    Other problems. I’m assuming themes don’t work with, right? I WAS using with the Contempt theme, and then discovered after 10 posts that existed. I figured my own was a better URL, I was already paying for hosting, and I was only 10 posts deep on, so why not make the switch? But getting my header image that I had on, resizing it to the default header image size and it still not showing up is driving me insane.

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    Check with your ftp program that the files are actually there, and also make sure that they aren’t in double nested folders (your-theme/your-theme/).

    Sometimes you need to refresh the browser or empty the browser cache to see site changes.

    I figured it out. I was uploading all of my WP files (wp-content, themes, etc.) to the GoDaddy FTP site. But the WordPress files were actually in a folder called “Blog”, from when I used the auto WordPress install from GoDaddy Applications. I discovered this by going to the file manager, rather than the FTP client. Thought I would share in case this helps anyone else. So we can close this one now.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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