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  • Hi Guys,

    I really hope someone from Godaddy can contact me if they read this.

    So here is my story.

    I am a 5yrs old Godaddy Customer. I do websites for a living. In Panama. Yes, central america.

    At the beggining of my carreer, i used to develop static flash based websites.. I loved godaddy prices, tech support was light, but acceptable, and i learned to feel comfortable around their website (purchasing domains, hosting plans , etc).

    As time passed i moved to wordpress.. Discover how wonderfull it was. And suddenly all my nightmares became a reality.

    For the last 6months i have had terrible speed problems. y wordpress sites, as SMALL as they are, can take up to 20sec. to load during daytime (that is EASTERN US TIME or GT -5). At night, sometimes, i get decent speeds. But as soon it is 6 am .. slow again. .. i am talking about over 30 sites, in the deluxe shared hosting plan.

    Sites with and without any plugins. Sites with WP-SUPER CACHE… Custom made designs in valid CSS + XHTML … sites that are made with amazing , super optimized themes as INFOCUS from….


    You dont have to be a genius to know that , most of their customers are from this hemisphere.. so traffic rises during day time, and since it is a shared hosting plan with , only Gยดd know how many other websites in the same domain, you can expect slower velocitys than night… But 20-25sec load time for a 120k site with NO plugins? ..

    My customers are calling me everyday and it IS a nightmare for me.

    It is because i am SO USED TO godaddys way of doing business that i am scared of moving away. but it is starting to be unbearable.

    I have done some research, now i am positive the slowness is due to having the MySQL db in an external server… somehow the traffic overload does affect the whole thing.. it is HORRIBLE..

    Please, if this doesnt get erased .. i hope someone WITH a lot of experience can point my toward a PROOVEN hosting provider that offers quality and FAST wordpress hosting.

    I really appreciate it ..

    If someone from godaddy read this .. feel free to contact me , because if this can be solved, it will be great, but beleive me .. as soon as i find out about a good and fast worpdress hosting (prooven with testimonials from web developers) I AM OUT OF THERE.. and i have a LOT of websites in GD.


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  • Hola,
    I don’t have an easy solution, por desgracia, but I have a couple of thoughts.

    I have developed many sites on Godaddy, only because clients have already purchased it, not because I like it. I have had various problems, but it seems a little better lately. I generally develop in MODx there, though, not WordPress.

    I’m just wondering why you’re using external databases? They certainly can work, but I’m afraid that with this complication, you may end up with a similar problem on any host – maybe the external database server could be the problem. At least I think it would be worth trying to have your database hosted at Godaddy as well as the rest of the site. This could be fairly easy to test, although you might have to bring your site down for awhile.

    Also, I spend free time helping people here, and I have seen so many bad reports about Super Cache that I won’t touch it.

    De todos modos, I have successfully hosted WordPress at Liquid Web, and their tech support is kilometers better than Godaddy’s. Also, some people like hosting WordPress at Media Temple, although more recently I’ve heard that they might not be quite as good as before.

    I hope that helps a little,

    hi flamenco thanks for the tips.

    i use godaddys mysql…they have are hosted in external servers…that is external to the server where you host your site. different ip and different domain… it sucks

    Go Daddy


    Go Daddy Support

    @jgraphwebstudio Here’s a help article we have on the subject:

    I’d like to have someone look into why you’re experiencing slowness, but I need something to identify your sites or Go Daddy account.

    If you’re on Twitter, please DM one of your domain names to @godaddy and we’ll look into it for you. Otherwise, please call this number for assistance: 480-505-8877


    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I have several sites on GoDaddy hosting, without any major issues. Their shared hosting servers do tend to be rather slow, so I recommend plugins like WP-Super-Cache to help cope with it. It works for me without issues. Even on multisite setups.

    Their support does tend to be fairly crap though. I’ve heard all sorts of complaints there. On one of the most recent ones, apparently they blamed one of my plugins as the culprit for slowness. Kinda funny, when you think about it…

    Hi Noah .. thanks for your reply.

    In the Spirit of Fairness, I will say this again, as I did Before:

    I like a lot of things about Godaddy. I have been their customer for 5 years. They have great prices, and once you know your way around their web site is very, but very easy to buy a domain, setup a hosting account with it and even installing wordpress with their one click installation.

    I appreaciate you gave me their cusstomer service phone number, i have already used it many times, but beleive me.. this is exactly the kind of issue that wont be solved calling there.

    This is NOT a wordpress optimization problem, nor a plugin conflict, or a an issue about a very heavy website, beleive me .. i have taken the time to replicate all possible scenarios.. I have even bought a hosting account with IWeb (canada) and tested the same sites with wonderfull results … This is an issue of sites being slow because connection to the MYSQL db servers provided by (which are related to “ doman” are NOT GOOD, and their performance is HORRIBLE during high traffic periods.

    I will contact you and give you some of my sites url so you can do your own testing. Just keep in mind you should test the sites during Eastern time day time (GT -5) , at night things move pretty much “ok” (not fast but acceptable) …

    By the way, somehow all my php forms stopped working, and customer service answer was : “theres some php functionality issues in your grid” .. expect them to be solved in 48 to 72 hours .. if you keep having this issues call again ” …

    as i said , I Will rather solve this issue than migrate to migrate all my customers to a new hosting (which i still havent found) .. but i am definelty in the market looking for an alternative… this is so frustrating…

    “otto” .. my sites witho NO plugins are slow.. so are my sites with SUPER CACHE.. the just take 20secs to open sometimes… it is NOT a plugin issue .. beleive me ..

    best regards,

    Ah, Jgraph,
    Now I follow you. It is true that Godaddy has site files and databases on different boxes, which makes set-up somewhat more annoying than using localhost. I thought you actually meant MySQL at a different company.

    Though I’m no fan of Godaddy, I’ve had lots of sites there, and they work pretty well despite the above.

    Some questions to think about:

    Have you examined your databases, and optimized and/or repaired them?

    Do you have an enormous number of records on your tables?

    Probably the most important one: do you have a huge number of visitors? If so, Godaddy is going to drag no matter what, I would bet on it. You’ll need a heavy-duty host. Maybe even a dedicated server. That costs money, of course.

    I’m always amazed when people are surprised that cheap hosting like Godaddy doesn’t work well for heavy traffic sites. They also have a really bad admin interface compared to any host I’ve used. So if you move, you’ll probably love it.

    Hi Flamenco,

    I follow you, the problem is this happens with all sites.. some sites have around 10 uniques a day . .others 100 .. others 1000… some has multiple plugins.. some none… they are all hosted in the same plan . .same ip… and they all present the same issue at the same time (during day time.. ) the later it is at night the faster they become, thats why i assume the issue is related directly to the traffic on the server (remember i am sharing with around 3000 domains) … but it is not a server itself issue.. i have plain html sites that still loads slow .. but not as slow as sites using wordpress.. i am 99% sure it has to deal with this “external databases” connections..

    have you had any other experience with other providers ? can you recommendo any other hosting that works good with WordPress ?

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep

    They all have the same IP? So … Are you on shared hosting ot a dedicated or virtual server?

    Hi Ipstenu,

    i bought a DELUXE shared hosting which allows unlimited domains.. if i buy a single account for each website i will STILL be sharing my sites ip with more than 2000 other sites , so i bought only one plan that allows multiple domains .. which at the end will STILL be in the same situation…

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep

    Ah, so shared hosting. Yeah, it could be a lot of things. You might have a bad neighbor, you might BE the bad neighbor. It’s hard to say, and from what I’ve heard, GoDaddy doesn’t load balance very well. You could ask to be moved to another shared server, but depending on how much traffic your sites are getting and the level of support you want to offer your people, you may want to look into a VPS.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    i have plain html sites that still loads slow .. but not as slow as sites using wordpress.. i am 99% sure it has to deal with this “external databases” connections..

    I can almost guarantee you that you are mistaken. External DB’s is not really any slower, and in many cases it’s much faster. The DB servers are in the same place as the web servers, connected via high-speed connections.

    The main speed issue on GD hosting is the large number of sites on their shared servers. If you switch to a dedicated plan, you’ll see an immediate improvement.

    And remember that if you’re running lots of sites on one account, then it’s the combined traffic of all of them that matters as far as what your traffic load is.

    Well Otto, you are free to think i am mistaken, the fact is that connection times between wordpress and the Database ar Crap in Godaddy.. and yes, having a site in a server hosting 3k more sites wont help. What really bothers me is that they want to convince you (tech support) it is a problem of WORDPRESS optimization.. which honestly is plain BS.. i have already tested a backup of one of my sites in 3 different providers, and it wont have this kind of issues. And dont be mistaken.. it is a site WITH NO PLUGINGS…

    Then Only thing i am looking for is good feedback on other hostingalternatives.. because it can be scary to deal with a new provider.. .

    It is a fact, google it, godaddy shared plans are SLOW .. extremely slow For wordpress… and beleive me .. all wordpress newbies have the right to be able to do an educated choice before buying anything…


    I talked again with a customer service rep at GD… they finally accepted my server is presenting sever lag times as a result of overload… they recommended that i migrate my hosting plan to their new GRID hosting…

    still thinking about doing this..

    meanwhile, anyone has experience using wordpress with GD grid hosting ?

    Go Daddy


    Go Daddy Support


    Sorry to hear you’re still having troubles. We would be happy to have member of our hosting team take another look as Noah mentioned earlier.

    We’re currently not experiencing issues with database connection times. You mentioned that you experience latency at specific times. These are likely the times that the server is receiving the most traffic. While your plan supports multiple sites, it may not be the ideal situation for the fastest load times. Your sites are still sharing resources with each other and everyone else on your server.

    Ipstenu made a great point in mentioning Virtual Dedicated or Dedicated Servers, however Grid hosting is a great affordable option. Visit this link for details how Grid hosting can improve your site:


    I’m glad you finally got in touch with someone at GD. I’ve been a customer there for years as well. I’ve just had an amazing experience so hopefully this grid solution works for you.

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