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  • As many others I’ve been tempted to try the hosting mentioned at Digg. I’ve read about some problems and GoDaddy and mod_rewrite, but according to the last posts in this thread it seems like it’s solved (?).

    An old thread at another forums suggests that you can’t mod_rewrite any files with a .php extension (that you can rewrite TO a .php file but not FROM).

    To sum things up. I’d like to know if any people have tried the GoDaddy with WordPress recently and have had it working without major probs.

    Thanks in advance…

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I have installed WP a couple of times recently for people and it has worked well in that they’ve not got back to me or posted here.
    when I uploaded (but not yet activated) Bad-behaviour it threw a pile of errors at me, so that was discarded. I have no idea what godaddy are doing to cause that.

    I didn’t really understand at what stage did it gave you errors? During installation? Thanks for the feeback.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Installation was event-free.
    I then uploaded plugins, went to the plugins screen and many errors appeared. Deleting the plugin solved the problem.

    Hmm, OK. Well, at around $3 per month for 5GB of diskspace and 250 GB transfer perhaps I should at least give it a try.

    Just wanted to say that everything works great. I’m having no problems at all, yet.

    Works for me. I don’t use mod_rewrite anyhow, so it isn’t an issue for me.

    I have been trying for days!!!
    added info to my wp_config.php file and it says that the database can not connect.
    Should I punch the computer or my husband???
    VERY mad

    Moderator James Huff


    The server is different depending on your site. Mine is mysql69.

    Works for me. I don’t use mod_rewrite anyhow, so it isn’t an issue for me.

    I have no problems with permalinks. Do you? They work perfect.

    The only problems I’ve had with GoDaddy (economy Linux hosting) is with mod_rewrite. They prevent rewrites of PHP files including any forbids (403) you might want to give spammers. I have not bothered with friendly URLs so have no info about that. Here are a few recent comments from GoDaddy support.

    “…SBOX rules are taking priority over the rewrite rules. This is preventing your DENY IP from functioning properly. Basically rewrite rules will not work on PHP files becuase our SBOX rules are preventing this.”

    “I apologize for the inconvenience however the SBOX will stop the mod_rewrite, and I have sent this information to the developement team.”

    “There are no current plans to change this policy. As a large hosting provider concerned with security, reliability, and ease of support for our hosting packages, we have chosen to disable this function…”

    I have been reminding them about this situation from time to time, as recently as yesterday. Their latest reply was “Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. As we highly value your ideas, I will forward your information to our developers for consideration.” Which they’ve said before, of course!

    The trouble is, I don’t think they do intend to consider changing the policy. I’ve yet to have an adequate explanation (indeed, any explanation) from them as to *exactly* why they prevent PHP rewrites. Nor have I found an explanation anywhere as to why SBOX is being used (SBOX is a CGI wrapper script) like this.

    If anybody here has some technical suggestions as to how GoDaddy might be convinced to lift the ban on PHP rewrites, I’d be pleased to hear them. Anybody have experience of SBOX? Is GoDaddy using it incorrectly? AFAIK, only GoDaddy hosting is using SBOX to prevent PHP rewrites in this way.

    There is a new version of SBOX now along with a documented solution to the .htaccess problem I mentioned before. However, GoDaddy has no plans to make any configuration changes to its economy Linux hosting. PHP rewrites in .htaccess will not work until they do!

    On GoDaddy:
    – I’ve hosted a couple of sites there, at various times, with WP & the basic plan with no major issues. A basic site will be fine. I think I had some issues with permalinks and uploading images, but otherwise good to go. And as noted above, these problems may have been addressed.
    – Supposedly, with new, transfered, or renewal domains, you can get a FREE 50MB of webspace. This is, however, an AD SUPPORTED space. I don’t have any more details.

    Another Option:
    – I’ve had fairly good success hosting with
    – $12 for a year with 100MB space and unlimited bandwidth. Check it out.
    – Ran into a couple of issues with subdomains and mail being blacklisted by some ISPs, but they generally respond to your issues…though not always quickly.

    OK, here is what I got back from them:

    Dear (name removed),

    Thank you for contacting customer support.

    Our hosting does support mod_rewrite functionality. Please note that customer support does not provide tutorial or troubleshooting information regarding third party applications. Please let us know if we can help you in any other way.

    Learn more about our Shared, Virtual-Dedicated, and Dedicated hosting: Click here


    Robert B.
    Customer Service Representative

    The developer of SBOX has since told me that he doesn’t know what risks GoDaddy are concerned about. They could easily enable PHP rewrites using his advice so that “deny from IP” works in .htaccess. Computerdude33 – they do support mod_rewrite (try rewriting one html file to another in .htaccess – it works) but not rewrites on PHP files. And that’s the problem for WordPress users. GoDaddy is apparently the largest single commercial user of SBOX so you’d have thought that they might have listened to its developer.

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