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    Please help! I really want to try wordpress. I’m using blogger currently and my domain name is registered to godaddy. I realised i cannot use the free hosting for the wordpress application. Is there a way to get around this without upgrading. If not is there somewhere where I can use my old domain name which I purchased and get free hosting. Please everything is appreciated.

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    Best I can suggest is to do a search for “free mysql hosting”, because it’s the lack of a database server that will scupper most free hosting I suspect.

    Otherwise maybe you could look at

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    You can always use with domain mapping, as explained here:

    But you won’t have as much control over your own themes, plugins and presentation as you would on a self-hosted blog.

    C’mon, man, web hosting is dirt cheap these days. If you sign up with Dreamhost and use one of their codes, you can get a year’s worth of hosting for less than the price of a mildly fancy dinner for two.. about $27. 🙂

    Surpass Hosting (which I highly recommend) has packages for as low as $6/month, pay as you go.

    Also, who is your Internet Service Provider? They sometimes have free space for their account holders. You can’t always attach a domain to it (well, not EASILY), but it can be done sometimes.



    DreamHost stinks, they’ll close your account when your blog starts having a few visits.



    Solution: Get a Job ??



    @briantokyo: Well that explains why MY blog is still there! {{snort}} (No one comes to visit it!) 😛

    Seriously, I’ve heard rave reviews of DH and others like yourself who must have had bad experiences. But for a start, it’s pretty cheap with discount code and I’ve had several sites (not just blogs) hosted there for over four years now without any problem.



    Dreamhost oversells too. They provide more than what they can really afford.

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