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  • Hey, I’m about to start using Godaddy to host a WP blog…looks like they have it as a “one-click” install with their Metropolis software. Is this new? Is is the same thing as the hosts who are recommended on the WP site?

    Most imporantly, does it work?!

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  • It is a relatively new service from GoDaddy.

    It is not related to the hosts outlined at

    It does work.

    It does work, however, having tried it, I do not recommend it. Mainly because it uses some weird other mySQL server that is inaccessible through your normal hosting control panel. Meaning that if you need to use phpMyAdmin on it later, you can’t.

    So it’s better to set it up yourself. It’s not difficult. Just upload the WP files to your account via FTP, create a new database, edit the wp-config file, and run the install. It’s quite straightforward.

    Just installed a test blog via Hosting Metropolis. Only a 4.0.27 MySQL database is offered but the database and phpMyAdmin is accessible via the Hosting Manager.

    Also, currently they are installing Version 2.1 of WordPress.

    They must have fixed that since last time I checked then, because when I tried it with WordPress 2.0.something it did not make the database directly available to you.

    I seem to remember that otto42. Of course I don’t know why they don’t offer MySQL 5.0 for the Hosting Metropolis where they do give you the choice if you manually create the databases.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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