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  • I have just purchased the delux hosting package with GoDaddy and installed WordPress at the root of the domain I am hosting there.
    I did the ‘automatic install’ (which was probably a mistake…)

    All was fine until I tried to upload a new theme. I tried to upload via the GoDaddy files panel (WordPress>Content>Themes) and via ftp. But each time I am getting errors with the thems.

    I tried uploading several different themes, all of which work fine on my other hosting accounts by the way.

    But each theme I have uploaded is showing no images (no header image, no icons, etc). And when I check out the theme files in my admin panel all I find is a mass of black squiggles. Same with the files panel at GoDaddy. Each image file is showing either black squiggles or a long list of code which I cannot decipher.

    However, when I hover over the image icons in the hosting control panel for a theme, the images show up.

    I am new to GoDaddy hosting (and beginning to wish I hadn’t bothered…).
    Could anyone tell me what I am dong wrong?

    (GoDaddy contact says this is ‘A WordPress Issue’ not their’s…)

    Thanks 🙂

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  • @mercime


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    Set up a simple WordPress blog for friend hosted in GoDaddy. But I never used the auto-install, I FTP’d files to double-check complete upload. No problems encountered at all.
    Upload your theme folder via FTP to wp-content/themes/
    After you upload, compare the contents of the theme folder in your computer with the one in GoDaddy still in FTP. Re-upload missing files/folder via FTP (specially images folder per your account above).
    In addition, check out what version GoDaddy auto installed for you. Compare files and structure with your copy in computer. Re-upload WordPress files/or whole shebang if necessary.
    Good luck.

    Thanks mercime,

    I actually left the whole thing alone for a couple of days through sheer frustration!

    I was wondering about the PHP language version I was using (5) and if that was compatible. But whatever, I have come to the conclusion that I will have to uninstall the whole shebang and re-install WP and re-upload everything via ftp (I’ve installed WP before this way, just thought an instant install might be easier…).
    Duh! I live and learn!

    Good advice on checking still in FTP.

    Thanks for your help 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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