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  • If anyone can help thanks a lot
    I am not lazzy i tried for two weeks but i am new to all this…
    i read every topic on the subject but coul’nd not find a way…

    Brand new install no blog yet I am starting from scartch. New to all this.
    Goal: all i want is manage my 5 websites in a wordpress multisites on a network using ultimate godaddy host account using sub directory (quit hoping sub domain would work).

    setup & things done yet:
    Ultimate godaddy hosting plan & i used sub directory.
    Wordpress install on one root domain (default theme not construct yet and working)
    Wordpress multisite activate. Working in a sens that i was able to activate network…
    Worpress network activate. working in a sens that i see network admin top right and can get into it.

    After wordpress network activation i still do not see super admin: I clean my cookies cache etc. I did copy my confi.php and htaccess has asked.
    It won’t show up in the top of dashboard.

    Since i do not see super admin i tried to use admin network to try adding my other 5 domains I’ve created in my godaddy add domain manager. I have point every domain to there own file with the same name. The 5 files are located in go daddy FTP manager just before the wp-admin,wp-content & wp-includes files. Obviously the domain files are empty because they are domain only the website are not construct yet…

    when i try to add one of them in my admin network add site, i get: Missing or invalid site address. I enter the adress as ask No dot before or www before.

    1. why is my super admin not showing in my dashboard?
    1.1 Is it because i have only one root domain in my network yet?
    2. Why am i unable to add domain to my network?
    2.1 Is it because my domain files in godaddy FTP manager are empty or miss located?
    3. Is the .htaccess files located in the html under wp-includes the good .htaccess files to modified, because i have not find any other .htaccess files other then this one?

    I have to say that i tried for 2 weeks to add sub domain with godaddy. all with the same plan ultimate. I have dedicated ip includes. I read all forum probably and tried every possible way. * A host etc. .htaccess modification. I could not make it work.
    now i am tired so i decided to go for sub directory. I f i knew i would have host gator to have sub doamin.
    Now i have the same problems with sub directory?????????????????

    if anyone can help me thanks a lot. sorry for english, i am french guy so thanks again…

    take care

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  • Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    Super Admin == Network Admin

    Terminology changed between versions. Not a big deal.

    Are you trying to map domains (like to your install?


    Thanks for answering…really appreciate…

    i knew the terminology had change but could not found anything up to date bazwell:))

    ok, so, now i have discover that when i was trying to add domain in my wordpres network, i was typing a (.) before or .com at the end. This the reason i was getting adress not available etc. I was following the exemple they give with the root on top and the root had a (.). So being new to all this make me sometimes follow exactly what is see.
    Then, i manage to change my go daddy directory and point all my 5 doamin to the root files instead of there own file. I then tried to enter the new domain in the network without the (.) and .com and it worked. I am not shure if it did work because of the domain file change to / instead of the domain name files but it make sens since the wordpress is in the root…

    Since i was able to do this, i decided to erase everything and start back and try to get the subdomain to work on my ultimate packadge. since i know how to enter correctly the domain adress in the add site network menu. it worth the try.

    here is what i am going to do

    1 i will install wordpress again on root domain… only 12 times :))
    2 i will activate multisites and network …
    3 i will then create again my 5 domains again in my godaddy domain manager pointing at there own file with same name.
    4. I will then add dns manager root A host * dedicated IP
    5. I will try to add A host * to each of my 5 domain with same root ip in there respective dns page. not shure this the way to go. if it does not work
    6. I will instead add these 5 domains as sub domain in the dns manager of the root domain A host??? really not shure it make sens. godaddy might do this auto… if this not work
    7. I will try to add subdomain in the domain manager root domain ad subdomain
    8. once everything is been send on the net guess it might take up to 48 hours
    i will try to add the new domain in my network add site menu.

    i am not shure then that i will be able to make these website independant.
    the goal is that people type one of the 5 website and that they gets to that website not to the root website. maybe i think to much:)) or not enough maybe:)) anyway i can say i try to thing:))

    Thanks ipstenu for your help it is greatly appreciated…i have no other words then Merci so much

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    sheepmind – Knowing that English isn’t you’re first language, we need to take this a bit slower than normal, to make sure you understand the terminology being used. Multisite’s got more ‘weird’ terms than Single Site.

    So let’s get these out of the way. Just answer them briefly, we’ll get into details in a bit.

    Are you trying to map top-level domains (i.e to sites on your Multisite?

    If so, have you created your subsites (i.e. and verified they’re working FIRST?

    Are you using a plugin to help domain map? If so, which one?


    I guess i am answering the question in my explanation
    ok, i succeed at creating sub domain with Ultimate godaddy host account.
    I did recreate wordpress files from scratch on the root domain,
    I then installed the multisites and network option with success.
    I then created 4 domain with add domain option in the godaddy domain manager
    (not as sub domain but as domain with there 4 own file and the file name is the same as the domain name).
    I then created the * A host in the DNS manager for the root domain
    I then added the 4 other domain to the A host root with same dedicated ip
    so that the 4 domain point at the server???
    I was then able to add my 4 domain to the wordpress network.
    I then add the drop down menu plugins from ozh and it work on all the 5 sites.

    so now i am at the point where i want to make shure that when people are going to type one of the 5 domain name that they are going to head at the domain they type in the browser. not to the root. I want the website to be independant once they are going to be ready.

    Am i going to do this by using the WordPress MU plugins or the professional one (profesionnal one cost something i thing)
    or am i going to add forward domain in the godaddy domain detail page to make this happen. i am not shure really how to make things to work from here. this is where i am at now
    so i am thinking to fix the mapping once i figure if i need to or how it work and maybe use multi network plugins to created two network because two site are related to music and the 3 other are more about agriculture and food.
    what other plugins should i most have you suggest thanks

    i know it is a long respond again. sorry for that. thanks again for your valuable time and patience.

    have a great day


    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    The problem I’m having is you’re answering around my questions, instead of giving me a yes/no answer, so it’s harder for me to translate and understand WHAT you did.

    Read this:

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    You need the godaddy specific instructions.

    My WordPress 3.0+ multi-site domain mapping with GoDaddy

    ok the answer to the 3 questions were.

    1. Are you trying to map top-level domains (i.e to sites on your Multisite? i guess yes but could not answer because not shure what that mean…the answer in my word is that i want to make these 5 site independent and make shure people get to the site they type in the google or whatever

    2. If so, have you created your subsites (i.e. and verified they’re working FIRST? yes but as subdomain not as sub directory. they work as subdomain in my wordpress network. now i have to figure out what next The first link is exactly the same i found yesterday night i go through it and reply if needed.

    3. Are you using a plugin to help domain map? If so, which one? Not yet because i don’t know how a mapping plugin work yet and why would i use it. but i guess i will find out soon with the link i found yesteday night which is the same you just gave me

    so i reply if needed toninght

    thanks to both of you


    Are you suggesting that only professional domain mapping will work with go daddy?
    Does wordpress mu mapping plugins work with godaddy and subdomain?

    For exemple: root domain is
    to access one of my domain which is: i need to type
    If someone type: in the adress bar, i want them to be redirect to “la foret gourmande” not “sheepmindmanagementsolutions”. If they type in the safari or explorer i want them to be send to

    So, this is where the mapping plugins come to make that happen i guess.
    Right now if i type i get forbidden 500 error.
    if i type: it work.

    professional domain mapping is probably easier to handle for a beginner and it seems to hide the root domain. If you tell me that wordpress mu work i will try it first.

    i guess i’ll keep my domain file with there own file at there own name and i will not rename the domain file to the root which is (/) like micheal guy did in point 6. I think don’t have to since i added them in the root A host and pointed them to the dedicated ip adress…

    what do you thing and what would you do?

    Are your files located in / or something like /public_html/ ?

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Are you suggesting that only professional domain mapping will work with go daddy?


    THe process is the same no matter what domain mapping plugin you use.

    Does wordpress mu mapping plugins work with godaddy and subdomain?


    You just need to follow the instructions above that I linked to and forget about everything else.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    You’re confusing (and combining) two separate things.

    1) WORDPRESS domain mapping means you point a domain to your WP install.

    2) GODADDY domain ‘parking’ means to use one account to run multiple domains.

    You don’t need to do #2. Install WordPress, turn on MultiSite, and the you map the domain to WORDPRESS, not anything else, not a subfolder, just WP.

    Thanks guy for both answer but they confuse me.

    if i understand Andrea, i need to install the mu plugins and follow this link to do it and setup godaddy:

    My WordPress 3.0+ multi-site domain mapping with GoDaddy

    if i understand ipstenu. once the mu plugins will be install i’ll simply
    will have to point my 4 other domain subfolder to the root folder (/) in my godaddy account which is where wordpress is install? in fact andrea links explain this in point 6…

    then every website should be independent and running as individual…

    where do i upload the wordpress mu plugin ? I understand that i have to create a mu-plugins directory in content. that i have to take sunrise into it. But where i upload the file the first time i bring Mu plugins in wordpress. I would bet it’s in the content/plugins area. Just want to make shure it is there…

    thanks a lot for your help


    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    Yes, you understand Andrea and I correctly. I’m tellig you the same thing.

    where do i upload the wordpress mu plugin ?

    Put it in plugins. Same as normal. Just network activate it. You no longer have to put it in mu-plugins.


    Do you mean i don’t have to create mu-directory and put sunrise into content and mapping.php file in mu-plugins?.
    i would simply have to leave the file in plugins there and activate it in wordpress.

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    You do still have to put sunrise.php in wp-content for it to work.

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