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  • We recently switched to the 4GH Hosting with GoDaddy and it’s been a disaster. I think we switched 2-3mos ago and maybe it’s because there are so many people switching over, they are just overloaded on their grid system. I’m not sure, but it’s bad.

    Everytime I emailed them about the issue, I got one of the typical “I don’t care” responses, basically one of the following:
    – You can’t run WordPress on Windows, it’s a Windows issue (not sure why they’d offer it if you can’t even run an empty WordPress site on Windows)
    – You can’t run WordPress with any extensions at all (still slow even if there are ZERO extensions)
    – You messed up the install (even when I used their Hosting Connection to install the product)
    – There’s something wrong with your computer (even though I tested from numerous different oomputers)
    – Send me a traceroute, the traceroute is fine, so there is no issue (did all this, and then thsi response is always followed by one of the above ridiculous responses)

    So… After a couple months of messing with this, I finally just called them. You would think they’d make the email support much better so they didn’t have to field calls, but apparently the email support is run by one of those illiterate IT guys from the Dilbert comic strip and the phones are answered by well-educated Californians.

    Once I got someone on the phone, my level of satisfaction went up dramatically. I can’t really say they SOLVED anything yet, but they at least knew what was going on and acknowledged that the issue was taking place. This was just yesterday and the site is still as slow as you can possibly imagine.

    We will see if anything has changed by Monday. I guess network engineers don’t work on weekends.

    At any rate, I post this here for two reasons:

    1) I want to know if (as of January 2012) any other people are having painful performance issues with the GoDaddy 4GH hosting.

    2) I want to alert people to the fact that if you ever have a problem with GoDaddy, CALL THEM IMMEDIATELY! If you are lucky enough to get a response from a person, it will be some obnoxious excuse about why it is not GoDaddy’s problem but someone else’s. I think the first 25 responses you get are just automated “its not me, its you” emails.

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    You can’t run WordPress on Windows, it’s a Windows issue (not sure why they’d offer it if you can’t even run an empty WordPress site on Windows)

    I used GoDaddy hosting for years, and this information is basically correct. Switch to their Linux based hosting. You’ll be much happier.

    Meaning you can’t use WordPress on Windows at all, anywhere? Or, you can’t use WordPress on Windows with GoDaddy?

    And, why on earth would they even have it then? Doesn’t it just create a support nightmare for them? Why not just eliminate WordPress as an installation on Windows?

    And if it’s an issue of WordPress on ALL Windows boxes, not just GoDaddy, why wouldn’t WordPress figure out a way to speed this up?

    Or, is it just ALL PHP coding is slow on Windows? I guess I’m not following where the problem is, and if everybody knows it’s a problem why nobody really cares to fix it…

    Anytime you run a website where databases are invovled you will need Linux. Windows server is only really good for access database. Most hosting companies are 2GH and 3GH. If you don’t like Godaddy there are different 4GH Hosting options these days. compares them all.

    This has nothing to actually to do with whether one can run WP on ‘windows server’, it has to do with an utter lack of knowledge at Go Daddy on how to do so….and lack of support…

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