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    I’m having some issue with this and Godaddy couldn’t help and asked me to resolve it with wordpress.
    I have 2 domain, my and under 1 hosting account.
    I created a folder under html root folder for html/secondary.
    I installed wordpress 3.5.1 onto my and loaded my theme in wp-admin and everything seems fine… Until I go to and click on one of my category or try to read post. It would load my a messed up version of my with a note “nothing found for category xx”
    Please help, been trying to resolve this for 3 days without any luck.

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  • Please post the URL that you have problems with.

    my second domain is when I click on the Trailer category or read more post it transfer me to my primary.


    Can you check what you have under the category Trailer. Also can you temporarily change your theme to Twenty Twelve and see if the weird redirection occurs?

    in admin: Under my Category Trailers it shows that i have 1 post. when i click on it it direct to me to the post I created.
    I changed to Twenty Twelve and same issue still persists.

    Now I get this message from your host:
    If you're the site owner, log in to launch this site.

    So, visit your site and click on the link provided by your host.

    sorry, please try again it’s back to 2012 theme

    Yes. I got the site. Do you have any 301 settings? Is it a new site that you have just set up?

    Now it seems to redirect correctly. Do you have a separate WordPress installation for that page?

    This is a new website I’ve setup about 4 days ago. What is 301 setting? I’m new to webmaking and WP so I don’t know how to code.
    I have WP 3.5.1 installed for my primary domain and same WP version on my PS4Revolution domain. godaddy stated that my WP is installed in root directory. At first my website didn’t work due to 500 error and godaddy support told me to rename the web.config file in my html/ps4evo/web.config
    Do I need to tell WP anything so it would point to the correct website?

    Please read what I wrote above. And see if the links are working correctly.

    sorry I don’t understand what you mean. The website is still not working properly.

    Press F5/ clear cache and try again.

    I pressed F5, cleared cache and restarted the browser and all post is still redirecting me to primary page even though it’s still showing that I’m on ps4evolution/categories/trailers.

    that I’m on ps4evolution/categories/trailers

    Yes. That is what I get too now. Earlier I got your other URL for the same page. There is something basically wrong that I cannot locate.

    Given that there is nothing for you to lose in that installation, why don’t you just reinstall WordPress and start with a clean installation?

    Thanks Krishna, reinstalling WP did help. I’ve decided to switch to Linux hosting so hopefully it’ll help with sorting out some WP issues.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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